Snorgs Pit of Putrification
Snorgs Pit of Putrification
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Posted - 02 Dec 2010 :  22:54:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The story so far…

The campaign kicked off with the “birth” of four characters, a Dwarven fighter - Snorg, a half-elf fighter/mage - Asian Darkclock, a fighter/thief – Riptorn and a cleric. The PC’s had been brought back from the dead with no memories of their former lives. Finding themselves in a castle/lair with dangerous occupants and various magical/scriptlchemical laboratories they promptly escaped utilizing a teleportation device. These mere 1st level characters slew a troll and a small band of goblins, with a little help from medieval napalm. Then the PC’s rescued two children whom were carried through the teleporter with the group.

The teleport device deposited them in Raven Bluff’s in the Forgotten Realms and they quickly discovered that the lair from which they escaped was the domain of sorceress Myrkssa Jerlan. Myrkssa had previously been responsible for the fall of Sarbreen (ancient Ravens Bluff) over 5 centuries ago. She had disappeared shortly after the fall of the city before being able to lead her army of undead further a field. The children the PC’s rescued were the son and daughter of a captain of the guard in Ravens Bluff. He was grateful and contacted the ex-mayor of the city who employed the PC’s as agents to infiltrate the thieves’ guild to discover whether an upsurge in the guilds activities were linked to Myrkssa’s recent reappearance.

The city of Ravens Bluff was recovering after an attack from a humanoid army from the north. Orcs, trolls, giants and goblins had streamed down from the mountains and had besieged the city. Unlike previous attacks from humanoid armies, this attack had been well planned and resourced. It was felt by the ex-mayor that the recent reappearance of Myrkssa, the organised humanoid army and an ever-bolder thieves’ guild, was a sure sign that these disparate groups were in fact acting for a common goal. The ex-mayor headed a secret intelligence gathering organisation within the city and the PC’s were just some of the under cover operatives working for him. The PC’s intercepted a group of evil mercenary adventurers who had been hired by the guild. They took their places and joined the thieves’ guild. After looting and a plundering a plenty and a notable gem shop adventure where a petrified character was broken up to fit in a bag of holding, the group were given a fateful task by the thieves guild itself.

Unbeknown to the PC’s a splinter group of the thieves’ guild had aligned itself to Myrkssa, hoping to profit from her plans for the conquest of Ravens Bluff. The characters were tasked with mugging a city noble for his temple donations and were instructed to throw some innocuous looking magic marbles at him and his bodyguards. This was supposed to render him unconscious and create a diversion allowing them to steal his gold and run away.

Unfortunately the noble was in fact the Lord Herepin, Lord General of Ravens Bluff, the marbles were thrown and immediately turned into trolls – oops, two trolls grabbed the General and teleported away. So in a single stroke the PC’s had rid the city of the one man who stood a chance of defending Raven’s Bluff from the Orc horde that was massing in the North for another attack. The PC’s volunteered (were press ganged) into a rescue mission, they were to get the General back with the magical artifact he had in his possession prior to the imminent invasion. This item was a magical key that supplemented teleportation magic. They were transformed into Orcs by Ostura a city magician and travelled North to the Orc city of Krimba Hai, here they blended in with the local populace - drinking, raping and torturing (this was not difficult as this is the usual modis operandi for the group anyway). Along the way they rescued some prisoners, an Elven cleric who’d been shown the Orc version of squeal little piggie and a half-orc fighter Krase, who’s squeals were just as enticing for the rampant Orc army – all 450 of them. These two joined the PC’s and brought some much needed healing ability and muscle. It was a great amusement to find out that the female cleric had her holy symbol tattooed on her breasts, these have to be revealed to call upon the power of her faith.

The PC’s were so successful in their Orc guise they entered and won a gladiatorial contest and briefly became Orc Hero’s, much to the delight of the Orc bath girls (who’s appreciation is best described as wet and sloppy.). A reconnaissance in the Orc temple of Grumish was short lived when the temple priests captured Snorg, unfortunately someone spoke in common and gave the game away. Snorg was rescued in a daring, tactically brilliant rescue bid (suicidal lemmings on acid would have done better). Snorg gleaned some important information, Lord general Herepin was actually a traitor and he was also aligned to Myrkssa Jerlan as were the Orc Horde. The PC’s had been used as pawns to spirit away Lord Herepin and make his defection look like a kidnapping. Working in concert they hoped to crush Ravens Bluff and sweep onwards to the other cities of the Vast (region of the Forgotten Realms). The PC’s were aware that the Orcs had been practising for a secret mission and discovered a magical gate in the temple. The PC’s were able to recapture the magical key that amplified the power of the gate and therefore scuppered Myrkssa’s plan to transport hundreds of Orc shock troops into the heart of Raven’s Bluff.

A frantic (if somewhat long) chase then saw the PC’s pursued by road and river by some pretty angry Orcs. The female Cleric was killed but her body was carried along with the group. They intended on reserecting her later but found that gamey Elf flesh was a good bargaining tool with hungry Orcs. They shook off the pursuit and got back into Ravens Bluff, a tiny fragment of the Elf remained and she was brought back to life. The city was saved hooray…

Unfortunately, Myrkssa was pretty pissed, her plans for world domination had been put back – those pesky PC’s. The thieves’ guild were ordered to find the magician who had assisted and turned the PC’s into Orcs, she was to be interrogated.

Subsequently the PC’s still in Orc form found Ostura, spread-eagled on a bed (oh-err), beaten, bloodied and killed with a strange black dagger that had been plunged into her chest. The dagger turned out to be a powerful magical item that negated the possibility of resurrection. To add insult into injury all their gold and most of their decent equipment had been pinched by the thieves guild (he-he-he, this produced some fireworks) because the PC’s had left it all with Ostura. It looked like Myrkssa must have been on the blob and got out of bed on the wrong side, the PC’s were in some deep **** now!

The PC’s got turned back to their normal forms, were knighted by the city for their brave deeds and given magical items, money (grumble, grumble) and their own barony!!! Unfortunately their buddy the cleric was found dead with a strange black dagger in him, he couldn’t be brought back from the dead. The PC’s got a new comrade in arms Lear, a knight/scriptrcher from Ravens Bluff, he joined up and tried to instil some responsibility and honour amongst the group – oh dear.

Feeling somewhat aggrieved by the gratuitous stabbings of their comrades and friends the PC’s tracked down the hideout of the thieves’ guild, a Pawn shop(Pawn not porn perverts). This was a rescue mission, a member of the city watch had been ordered to assassinate the PC’s with some more black daggers but had broke down before being able to do so. His children had been kidnapped and he was being forced to co-operate otherwise the kiddies would get it. He’d been told by a member of the thieves’ guild working for Myrkssa, to stab each of the characters with the daggers and to say their name as he plunged in the blade. Each blade was attuned to a particular character and a strike from the dagger caused an instant and permanent death.

The rescue mission went slightly awry, the PC’s were seen coming as they attacked the underground base, a wall of iron spell was used to seal of the corridor and the guild members escaped. The corpses of the kiddies were later found, big oops. Oh and Krase got killed when he decided to steal from some display cases that were in the Pawn shop, a “front” operating as a cover for the thieves guild. (Check for traps – naw, that’s for pussies.)

The next adventure saw the PC’s helping out some kiddies in an orphanage, but the kiddies were Scoobie Snacks for some vampire bat like creatures that killed one of the PC’s and nearly got another. During this mission the group nearly burnt down the orphanage and got a new recruit - a fire elementalist by the name of Lance who seemed to have somewhat of a chequered history. The group later found that the body of the fighter/thief - Riptorn had been interfered with, a black dagger had been plunged into the corpse’s chest, again this was a magical dagger that prevented any later resurrection. The group were now a bit worried, two of the original four characters had been killed in the course of the campaign, but more importantly their deaths had been irrevocable. Myrkssa did not seem too happy with them and was killing them off one by one.

This seemed like a good time to get running; the group had now discovered their true identities. It appeared that after the fall of Sarbreen five hundred years ago, with their homes and families lost, a group of adventurers (the intrepid PC’s) had taken on a suicide mission to kill Myrkssa in her fortress base. They had been successful but the massive magical energies that were released at the time of her death enveloped and killed them also.

An underling of Myrkssa’s had brought them back to life 5 centuries later and that’s why they had awoken in the strange castle/crypt in the beginning. Myrkssa had somehow returned from the dead and was intent on causing more trouble. Myrkssa had promised to make her underling undead if her own plans to become a lich (a powerful undead mage) worked out. The underling far from being grateful tried to escape and used a magical rod of resurrection to bring back the bodies of the PC’s to life. The underling was captured by goblins in the castle lair and became an unfortunate victim of collateral damage when the PC’s napalmed the goblins tower. Another - oops. Myrkssa was now aware of their existence and was using her influence to have them killed off.

The PC’s wanted to get to the Keep that the city had given them when they were knighted. They chartered a ship, hired a mercenary band, stocked up on provisions and set off to their Keep. During the voyage their ship was attacked by another vessel. A sunken merchant ship that had been called up from it’s watery grave by the dark perverted arts of Myrkssa. The ships zombie crew set about an attack but the PC’s managed to fight them off. As the ghost ship sunk back beneath the waves the PC’s managed to un-grapple the ship and Snorg jumped back to safety having liberated some booty in the nick of time from the stricken vessel.

The PC’s arrived on dry land and travelled up to Hommlett a major village in the area. They soon found out that the people of Hommlett were a law abiding people, when the fire elementalist got put in the slammer for trying to torch a villager. “Just Keeping me hand in guv’nor” didn’t wash very well with the justice of the peace, who ordered a trial. Fortunately for Lance his best buddy Lear was there to act as advocate. An enormous investigation was launched by the PC’s who did their very best to gather evidence to support their friend. Hmmm…

The net result was a guilty finding but Lance escaped justice, a necklace he had been wearing at the time was found to have a powerful magical enchantment, the aura from the dragon necklace caused strange behaviour in the possessor and so it was ruled that the necklace may have been responsible for his psychotic pyromaniac actions. (little did they know!)The necklace was taken from him. A conditional discharge was invoked, he was free but the slightest breech of the law would see him punished as if guilty for the original crime of attempted murder, this carries a sentence of life imprisonment.

Justice wasn’t going to be completely cheated and Lance had to spend 24 hrs naked in the village stocks, after being flogged by the merchant he had tried to kill. The villagers did their best to cover him in rotten vegetables; horses **** and piss while the local dogs got some humping done. Hommlett was having some troubles of it’s own. Villagers were leaving the area because of a rise in banditry and monsters in the vicinity. Merchant traders no longer called at the village because of the protection fee’s that were levied by highwaymen and brigands. This was having the affect of destroying the economy but the greatest threat was the rise in attacks on farmers and livestock from Ankhegs, giant insect creatures from below the ground.

The PC’s sorted out their mercenary force, Darkcloak, the fighter/mage bribed the men to Keep them in line, doubling their pay and the happy disciplined troop headed to the Keep. Arriving at the Keep it was clear some squatters had taken up residence. The PC’s had questioned villagers and discovered that the previous Lord of the Keep had been a Paladin called Baron Fitzrun. The Keep had collapsed during an attack from monsters and the occupants slain, since that time the Keep had been abandoned. The lack of protection offered by the forces of the Keep had allowed the rise of banditry and beasts in the region.

The PC’s performed a stealthy observation of the Keep and found out that a humanoid force had taken over. They attacked and killed the Orcs and Trolls inside, discovering that the Keep had a gem mine close by. However an Orc Shaman had been mining the gems with slave labour and was still in the mine. The PC’s picked up another character, a Dwarven bagpipe playing bard who had been mining gems for the Shaman since his capture.

The resulting battles with the Shaman and his powerful undead skeletons in the mine cost another couple of characters their lives. They’re bodies were taken to Hommlett where the local priest brought them back to life.

The PC’s consolidated their position in the Keep, improving defences and putting to work a small goblin tribe that had been enslaved by the Orcs. Snorg, one of the original characters decided he wanted to go kill giants and so hefted his magical axe onto his shoulder and left the group.

A very effeminate Paladin then called at the castle having been sent from Hommlett to enlist the help of the PC’s to deal with the problems there. But first the PC’s had befriended a nomadic group of villagers who were encamped on their land. This group had been pursued and attacked by enemies and needed help. Some things didn’t add up though, this group had been attacked by the large Orc force at the Keep and had easily defended themselves, but could not deal with the dozen or so bandit/enemies who were harassing them.

It appeared that the enemies were in possession of a magical sword that caused grievous injuries that wouldn’t heal. The PC’s were suspicious of the villagers and observed their children dancing with bears around their campfires, hmm very strange. The PC’s promised they would help and hid themselves amongst the villagers, settling down to wait for the attack from the baddies. Then the elf cleric noticed it was a full moon and someone heard the howling. Ohh ****…

Villagers started to strip of their clothing and transforming, their bodies sprouted hair and became elongated, beast like, faces became huge bloody maws filled with razor sharp teeth and all the while their were grunts of pain, pops of tearing muscle and flesh. The PC’s were surrounded by Lycanthrope’s - how they danced and gibbered then. Fortunately these were werebears who needed the PC’s help, a group of werewolves had been attacking them and that was the howling slavering beasts that were fast approaching. The PC’s did well and used small squad tactics to hammer the werewolves who were immune to non-magical non-silver weaponry.

Eventually the werewolves who hadn’t been killed regrouped and fled, the werebears became firm allies of the PC’s and handed over the werewolves magical sword that had been causing these nasty wounds. Some questions had been left unanswered however, some of the werewolves had been immune to magical spells and had not turned straight back into men when slain… At least half a dozen had escaped back into the woods and were still out there somewhere.

The PC’s now desperately need to get their hands on some ready cash. The Keep and it’s forces need to be supported and will swallow up a lot of money. The village of Hommlett is suffering terribly and it’s own militia seem unable to cope and there has been talk of the rise of a temple dedicated to the evil and chaos of the elements becoming a power in the region to the east.

The intrepid hero’s fought of the Ettin, secured the Keep and met two new friends. A Dwarf fighter/cleric and a strange woodland creature that tried to rut with everyone.

The group headed into Hommlett, finding the village under siege. Giant insects had been popping up all over the village. The PC's were tasked with tracking down the person/s responsible for leaving sponges at the village covered in giant man eating insectoid attractant.

They swept the village looking for evil aura’s and bug attractor sponges, only to find the locations that had been previously been hit by the bugs. The PC’s went to sleep in the temple for a well-earned rest only for a giant bug to erupt from the ground outside of the temple. The bug gave Aisan a nasty bite, which burnt with the beast’s acid, and then Lance finished it off with a flask of Greek Oil. Fortunately the creature didn’t get to spray anyone with its acid saliva. These beasties seemed really nasty, having natural armour plating and strong armour piercing mandibles.

The PC’s discovered that two evil worshippers at the Temple were luring Ankhegs into Hommlett on purpose. They two captured Lance, tortured him for information, removing his balls, ears and nose in the process. One of the baddies was killed during their capture the other was hung after facing trial.

The evil ninjas were dispatched, and the smelly sponges traced to them. It appeared that these thieves were in cahoots with the evil temple at Nulb. A great feast was held and much ankheg flesh and ale was consumed.

The PC's flushed with their success at Hommlett headed North to see what was affecting the deliveries of wood from a nearby logging encampment. The PCs were aware that some of the party had been injured when fighting with the werewolves. That night when they were camping out under the stars the first full moon after the battle set. Lance went crazy and started to rip his clothing off and howl at the moon, fleeing into the forest, the Paladin took off after him to help. Those remaining in the camp were then attacked, from the bushes a giant beast bristling with fur claws and teeth emerged. One of the horses was eaten and Aisan was wounded. The next morning a naked Lance staggered back into camp covered in mud and grime, the Paladin had apparently found him wandering in the woods.

The PCs immediately realised that one of their member had contracted Lycanthropy. Vowing to keep an eye on their infected party member they continued North to check out the problem with the wood shortages.

They were immediately captured in a big cargo net and thrown strip of weapons into stout but empty tool shed. The villagers of a large logging encampment without an explanation had captured the PCs and were not willing to communicate with them.

Lance had been bound head to toe because the PCs had said that he was a beast the villagers had taken this with a pinch of salt but had taken the precaution of binding him and that night as the moon rose again he started changing once again, but what was that ...oh **** the Paladins eyes had started glowing red too.

Both of them changed and the PC's realised they were stuck in a box with two killing machines, both of them must have been infected in the previous battles with the were beasts. They were mean, they were hungry and (gulp) Lance burst through his bonds.

Tony, took the brave option, turning in an eagle or was it a chicken? and flew out of the smoke gap in the roof. Bartram and Lisos were left to scream and gibber.

Wolfman beastie (the Paladin) attacked bear man beastie (Lance) and the loggers let out the rest of the PC’s. Unfortunately the nastie wolfie got out as well and devoured a young mother in front of her screaming children. The PC's grabbed their weapons and Tony made his way back into the stockade.

Now remember in case of a wolfman attack the following patented procedure should be followed.

1. Try to climb on a roof so said wolfman can rip off your arms and legs.
2. Find a safe place to hide, enter it and then set fire to it while you stand amongst the burning pile.
3. Strip off all your armour and take on the beastie in hand to hand combat.

Failing that run round the village while a werewolf tries to eat you. Eventually the Paladin in werewolf form was subdued and captured it appeared that Lance was harmless when there was a full moon, he liked to go off and eat berries during a full moon while the Paladin became a ravenous beast that liked to eat raw flesh.

Aisan realised he was infected and so went to the nearest evil village and to some reason that escapes me now went to a sleazy run down drinking hole and asked the patron if they knew his name, Robin of Jason, ROBIN of JASON I say.

Tony’s character was cured of his infection by the liberal application of healing herbs by the high-level cleric in Nulb. Unfortunately both Lance and the Paladin had spent too long exposed to the disease and were incurable.

The party set out to uncover the mysteries of the logging encampment. The Party were attacked by 2 Ankhegs, they diced them up and discovered that the Dwarf Bard is a loud snorer. The sleepless PC's made there way to the logging encampment and found out that the loggers children had all been kidnapped and that the kidnappers were forcing the harvest of wood to be handed over otherwise the kiddies would die. The PC is convinced the loggers they could help and armed with the information that the Goblins were to the NW, the PC's laid a cunning trap to ambush the goblins, unfortunately the Goblins didn't fall in to the trap and a few of them escaped the net.

A second goblin patrol was intercepted and neutralised. The PC's were then in a race against time. The Goblins who had escaped the first ambush would be returning to base camp, which was found to be a huge Bronze Oak Tree, 400 feet tall. The gigantic tree was ringed in four places by great overhanging gantries that formed donut shaped tree houses clinging precariously to the tall slender trunk. The mature forest around the tree had been felled to leave this massive sentinel standing alone in a two hundred yard wide clearing.

The lowest of the tree house rings was 200 feet from the ground. A dozen or so goblins lounged at ground level in the shadows of the buttress roots. It seemed the only way to access the tree houses were by ropes that were hanging suspended above ground level from the tree houses, 40 feet above the ground.

With only hours before they estimated that the escaped goblins would be returning to their base to raise the alarm, a giant cage was seen dangling from a branch high up in the tree's canopy level with one of the gantry's. A single rope appeared to be the only thing preventing this cage from falling to the ground, smashing itself and it's contents to pieces on the many tree limbs on the way to the ground, several hundred feet below.

The PC’s set another cunning trap and funnelled the returning Goblins into another ambush. Now time was on their side. Cronika lured about half of the goblins away from the buttress roots at the giant Bronze Oak Tree, these were dispatched with great haste.

Then Cronika sneaked across the open ground to the rear of the trunk and is about to start climbing towards the ropes the ends of which dangle some 40 feet above the ground. The group neutralised some goblins and got into the treehouse. Then Cronika gave the game away by firing arrows at some descending Goblins. The Paladin ascended a vertical ladder only to be showered with all sorts of debris from above. The PC’s fought their way up to the next level where they slaughtered a load of goblins and managed to free the kids from the cage. They retreated quickly and made their way back to the encampment reuniting worried parents with petrified kids. The return to the Tree found that it had been deserted of Goblins.

The Agents who had instructed the Goblins to kidnap the children were traced to a ruined Moathouse in the forest. The party did a recce and then assaulted the keep via the front door, Lisos got mullered by a troll. Two trolls were killed and the party members of which several were severely wounded retreated back to Hommlett. The second attack was via a collapsed wall that allowed access to the roof. They killed and chased off the bandits, cleared out a giant spider and snake. They then killed a croc sized lizard and have searched every room for treasure, some PC's were more successful at that than others...hmmm

The group then ventured into the dungeon below the Keep and rooted out all sorts of evil undead. From a freed Gnome captive they learnt that the bandits herein had been attacking merchant caravans and bringing the loot here. Loot was food and the baddies were killed. The leader of the group was killed during the battle and no prisoners were taken for intelligence purposes. As usual this valuable supply of information was overlooked in favour of Aisan asking, "Did the Ogre's sexually abused you"? This was to become something of a catchphrase…

The PC’s then returned to the Keep, the Paladin had had a dream about his fathers Keep and a warhorse to the North, held captive by a group of giants and ogres. This site was tracked down and the PC’s usual tactics of walk straight in and then run away were dropped in favour of walk straight in and find out we are surrounded and **** ourselves.

Although the group were sorely out numbered, the use of darkness spells and the Paladins blind fighting paid off. The Ogres and giants were dispatched and the remaining forces were later routed in the settlement.

The paladin got his warhorse "Fluffy" and the group returned to Brightstone.

Enroute back they spied a large group of Orc on foot some of which were mounted on giant lizards, about 2 days out from Brightstone heading north.

The PC's returned to base, powered up and went Orc hunting. They followed the orc tracks until they had to stop because of wyverns flapping about over the mountains to the far north (5 to 10 miles away).

The group encountered a terrifying wight, fortunately the gnome/halfling cleric successfully used an entangle spell trapping the creature and they released the tortured creatures soul with fire.

On the way back they were ambushed during nightfall, the bandits and PC's got into a stalemate, with the bandit leader being seriously wounded and the group’s spellcasters being covered with light crossbows.

The groups parleyed and separated avoiding a blood bath. The PC's returned to Brightstone - a swagger in their step but with tales of an Orc party to the north, complete with wyverns and giant lizards, how long until this forces attentions became centred on the keep was anyone's guess.

Additionally the werebears have taken up home in the keep because the werewolves have been sighted again in the woods to the south, their likely lair has been discovered amongst the pine tree's there.

The PC’s went into Brightstone mine, found a metal master – a giant slug capable of generating magnetic fields and a rust monster that destroyed the best part of 2 suits of full plate mail, and a full suit of plate mail +1.

During the next session the PC’s started at Brightstone Keep. A white dragon was sighted flapping through the clouds a few miles away. The Keeps’ forces were set about making the Stronghold’s defences more substantial. The PC’s then set off to Hommlett and met with the various town officials, most importantly it was noted that Hommlett was returning to normality and that there were many new arrivals. Aisan spoke to Rufus and Burne – the retired adventurers who are now head of the militia and arranged to speak to the labourers in Hommlett to help build the defences at Brightstone.

The PC’s were poisoned and Aisan took 15 hps of poison damage, the dwarves got dodgy guts but nothing worse than would be expected than a night on Dwarven grog. These half elves are soft.

Numerous devious checks were carried out to find the culprit, then that night an explosion rocked the Inn of the Welcome Wench and both Dwarves were blasted into unconsciousness. The rest of the party put out the fire and searched for a culprit, Aisan took to flight but couldn’t find any suspects.

Next morning breakfast was served, a detect poison revealed that the milk was laced with poison. Dory the new arrival at the Inn was the number one suspect, her room was searched. IN HER ROOM the GM described her possessions that included a “leather necklace” and a few other bits and pieces. A detect magic was cast and a faint aura of magic was revealed on the leather necklace. Dory was asked about this by Aisan she said it was a family relic and he could put it on if he wanted. He did. Oh dear.

The necklace tightened and began to choke Aisan to death. The PC’s made efforts to cut the necklace, nearly decapitating Aisan in the process. Aisan’s body hit the floor, so the PC’s set about defiling his corpse, the Paladin used his 4 foot long sword to try to sever the necklace but with 18 odd strength only managed to nearly remove the remainder of the flesh on Aisan’s throat. The necklace just wouldn’t come off.

The PC’s put Aisans body in a pickle barrel and travelled to Nulb where Lisos spoke to Aisan’s spirit to find out whether he wanted to be returned from his fluffy cloud. Canoness Y’dley (who had recently killed Aisan of his Lycanthropy) brought Aisan back from the after life but aged three years in the process. Aisan promised to pay 5k to the Temple, and a further 35k asap to be brought back from the dead. It turned out that Dory when finally captured was actually an assassin, who was paid to revenge the death of the two ninjas earlier in the campaign who had been trying to destroy Hommlett with ankheg attacks. It appeared that a nearby evil temple dedicated to the worship of elemental gods was trying to destabilise the area and thus gain influence.

The PC’s then did a recce of the Temple of Elemental Evil, a dark and depressing place and captured a group walking out from the grounds roundabouts. Good use of spell casting saw the majority of the group being captured alive.

The PC’s took these captives and rode off, questioning commenced arrival at Hommlet, the PCs pretended that they wouldn’t torture and kill some members of the group and they were forthcoming with information following was gleaned from the captured prisoners and the elders of Hommlet who had some knowledge of the temple:-

Nulb and the Temple of Elemental Evil

A collection of hovels and their slovenly inhabitants formed the nucleus for the troubles which were to increase. A wicked cleric established a small chapel at this point. The folk of Hommlet tended to ignore this place, Nulb, even though it was but a few miles distant. But its out-of-the-way position was ideal for the fell purposes planned for this settlement, as was its position on a small river flowing south to the coast. The thickets and marshes around Nulb became the lair and hiding place for bandits, brigands, and all sorts of evil men and monsters alike. The chapel grew into a stone temple as its faithful brought in their ill-gotten tithes. Good folk were robbed, pillaged, enslaved, and worse.

In but three years, a grim and forbidding fortress surrounded the evil place, and swarms of creatures worshipped and worked their wickedness therein. The servants of the Temple of Elemental Evil made Hommlet and the lands for leagues around a mockery of freedom and beauty. Commerce ceased, crops withered; pestilence was abroad. But the leaders of this cancer were full of hubris and, in their overwhelming pride, sought to overthrow the good realms to the north, who were coming to the rescue of the land being crushed under the tyranny wrought by the evil temple. Seven years ago a great battle was fought. When the good people of Hommlet saw streams of ochre-robed men and humanoids fleeing south and west through their community, there was great rejoicing, for they knew that the murderous oppressors had been defeated and driven from the field in panic and rout. So great was the slaughter, so complete the victory of good that the walled stronghold of the Temple of Elemental Evil fell within a fortnight, despite the aid of a terrible demon. The place was ruined and sealed against a further return of such abominations by powerful blessings and magic.

Life in Hommlet quickly returned to a semblance of its former self, before the rise of the temple. For seven years afterward, the village and the surrounding countryside have become richer and more prosperous than ever before.

The Paladin shared with the rest of the group information that his father, Paladin Fitzrun, was the previous Lord of Brightstone Keep and it was his army that smashed the Temple of Elemental Evil asunder and drove the murderous worshipers underground. However two years ago a humanoid army swarmed from the snow tipped peaks to the north and over ran the keep, his father was killed in a hopeless last stand that gave the women and children a chance to flee to safety.

Agents of the temple have sought out the Paladin and seek to end his life in revenge for his father’s destruction of their unholy business. You have heard rumours that the temple is once again a centre for evil activity and with each passing day it’s influence spreads.

The PCs returned to the temple and did some reconnaissance. They also started using a code of the baddies wouldn’t know what they were saying to each other in battle. The next session when something like this-

The PC's covertly moved about the Temple and mapped a fair sized proportion. A heavily armoured door was found and the PC's spent about an hour trying to open it, they couldn't.

Cloak found the main Temple area and found the remains of a sacrifice victim.
He then found a pit trap, fell in and got bitten by giant rats (new potatoes).

Bunny responded to the cries for help and found a pit trap, fell in and got bitten by giant rats (new potatoes). He wondered why cloak hadn't warned him about the new potatoes.

Cloak climbed out with his grappling hook and helped the Bunny out. Meanwhile Flaps, Fort and Pan killed or over powered some King Edwards.

Finally the party rescued a gnome prisoner and captured the Torturer/executioner (Maris Piper) who had turned cloak into a rent boy. Cloak was KO'ed during the encounter and the Maris Piper surrended.

The group evaded a bag of spuds and possibly a turnip and left the turnip factory to go to Hommlett.

Killing/Capturing mixed veg, releasing prisoner and roleplay award:-

250xp Flaps/Fort

450xp Bunny/Pot/Cloak

Confused? so were we all! Fortunately the use of codes didn’t last too long!!!

Two serious attempts have now been made by the party to enter the Temple.

On the first occasion Aisan and Lance stripped off their weapons and magical items and tried to sneak in, dressed in temple guise. They were attacked by bugbears, Lance was captured and Aisan barely escaped with his life. Lance was spirited off by a bugbear, the group followed but ran straight into a high level illusionary trap. Krakahead was turned to stone. Aisan and Zacheria were attacked by an invisible foe and fled with Lisos leading the way. A huge blast of lightning and a merry chuckle from their enemies sent them fleeing, leaving poor Lance to an unknown fate.

On the second attempt, the group scouted the upper temple works, vile and depraved carvings and fresco’s filled the place. A flight of stairs led down to the first Temple sub level. A short lived battle with some out classed Gnolls and Hobgoblins followed. The Party regrouped and explored some more, finding a group of intelligent undead (ghouls and ghasts) that were battered or turned. A bit more exploring was done and a turned Ghoul was identified along a corridor trying to escape the party by clawing it’s way though a door.

Zac and Aisan ran up to it only to fall down into a ten foot deep pit trap, the ghoul seeing the clerics behind fancied it’s chances better down the hole and jumped in with Aisan and Zac, it suffered fall damage too, but soon set about clawing with it’s talons and biting.

Aisan fell foul of the creature’s paralysis ability, then Zac managed to finish the beast off, the pit started to fill with high-pressure water and the rest of the party managed to pull out the two in the pit. A door over the other side of the pit trap opened and a group of humans wearing dark coloured armour with triangular insignia started firing crossbow bolts. Before the group knew what was happening they had been outflanked and a second group of humans with triangular insignia had gotten behind them and were coming up the passageway. The battle that followed saw lots of cheating by the PC’s as you can imagine, trying desperately to save their sorry skins.

Aisan was reduced to 0 hps and despite Orbis risking his life to save him the party had to back track to avoid a certain death. A running/retreating battle was then fought, the clerics supported the paladin who sought to smash his way through the enemy troops to rescue Aisan, despite killing two leaders the odds were overwhelming and the party fled as Aisan was carried across the pit trap into the chamber beyond, a prisoner for the Temple. Aisan’s exquisite shiny sword and shield were snatched up by the guards and carried off.

The party were kicking themselves, the spell casters had not picked the best spells for dungeoneering and all Aisan’s great equipment had been lost, not to mention Aisan as well – but that was an acceptable loss his equipment wasn’t. Realising that without Aisan the group faced almost insurmountable odds, a devilishly clever rescue plot was hatched.

Using new fangled tactics including Stealth and Reconnaissance, Cronika was employed to scout the location where Lisos had located with magical scrying Aisan's clothing. Cronika sneaked in, got past a guard and located Aisan – a shell of the boy he once was. It appeared that for the week he had been a prisoner he had been tortured and beaten, he was spread eagled on a rack with a leather ball in his mouth. His torturer had a sideline of young half elf flesh going, a concern all the local monsters were willing to try – and found to their liking. Aisan was given a potion of diminution, shrunk and stuck in Cronika’s pocket. Cronika then imbibed a potion of speed (aging a year in the process) and ran out through the Temple.

Poor Aisan had been terrified, buggered, burnt, banged and Trolled raped. It moments of lucidness he remembers being tortured for information and charmed to ensure he kissed the trolls back. Aisan is naked, he’s lost a stone in weight and looks haggard and old, however even not withstanding being a trolls bitch for a week he’s most upset about losing all his gear:-

Aisan’s losses:-

7425 gold pieces
138 silver pieces
Control of his bowels
Chain mail +3
Ring of protection +1
Shield medium +2 (nice reflecting surface)
Pride, dignity and easy go lucky attitude
Scabbard containing longsword +2
Longsword of Sharda +2
3 X Potions of extra healing.
The nickname “Farty”, because he’s now nicknamed “rent boy”.
Ankheg spell case
Spell Book (all Aisan’s spells)
Backback containing X2 spell book travelling (empty spell books still worth 10 000 gps. each)
Longbow and quiver
Telescope of True Vision
All the identify pearls (bag full)

Aisan now still has a strange troll kissing fetish and wakes up the other PC’s at night screaming, “Yes, big greenie, I’m your bitch”. The poor lad will he ever recover???

Left in Aisan stored section of the character sheet were the following, these are at Brightstone Keep:–

Sword, long +1
Sword, short +1 x 2
Helmet, mail coif gnomish
Potion of Extra-healing
Potion of Healing
Scroll of Protection from Poison

The party made off with a small haul of coins and a scroll they later identify as Control Undead.

Aisan’s bleeding butt hole was taken back to Hommlett, the PC’s discovered that the merchant had sold Aisan’s magical sword and shield, these items were teleported away. Apparently the Temple forces had swapped the items for gold, magical potions and some new standard weapons. All the better to use against the pesky PC’s.

Tony spent to next hour deciding whether to roll up a new character or stick with Aisan. The PC’s tracked down a creature that had attacked a local farmstead – a huge 2 headed troll and tracked it to a cave and put the crazed beast out of it’s misery. Then Aisan spent the next hour wondering what spells to choose. The Mercenaries to bolster the PC’s keep arrived in Hommlett, a rousing speech would have gone down well, but Aisan was still too sore from the trolls.

The PC’s then went and killed some Ankhegs and Bartram got some plate mail armour to match the rest of the team. They then devised a super sneaky plan but forgot to tell the new thief about the dogs in the ground layer of the temple. Before consulting anyone the thief sneaked in, he was ambushed by dogs and phased up a pillar. He was saved when the other PC’s turned up and killed the crossbow men and doggies.

Then Bartram heard more commotion coming from the east flight of stairs, another contingent of X bow men were appearing, behind them were two 2 clerics and some tough fighters. A fight ensued between 5 X bow men and Bartram, another 5 X bow men appeared from the stairs and were webbed by Aisan. Bartram and the other PC’s killed of the X bowers and the clerics torched the web killing their own men in the process.

The PC’s beat a hasty retreat having killed 15 X bow men directly or indirectly. They sneaked in again later and silenced and held two guards, taking them away for interrogation. Armed with fresh information they snuck deep into the temple and that’s where they currently are. Things were getting quite dangerous so the PC’s stopped and decided they would continue when all the players were there so they couldn’t get blamed for the PC slaughter to come.

The post to the next session was as follows –

Last session involved the PC's staging hit and run attacks on the Temple forces causing as much mayhem as possible. They utilised a secret entrance into the 1st level that the forces there seemed unaware of.

Some prisoners were freed, the inoperable door was finally opened and then the group used a series of detect magic spells to hunt for magical items.

They found a crossbow bolt +3 ID'ed by Lisos.
A magical cloak on the body in the crypt passed the inoperable door. (not ID'ed)

Krakahead took the prisoners back to the surface, Zac, Aisan and Lisos pressed on and explored another room fully this time, only to be attacked by 18 stirges.

Aisan got most of his blood sucked out by these vampiric nasties, who eventually were all killed off.

A magical ring was found on the skeletal remains of a previous stirge victim on the floor (not ID'ed), but glows with a strong magical aura.

Next session the PC’s delved deeper into the Temple and identified some powerful magical items, including a ring of shooting stars.

Aisan scouted out a room, he said he was doing this without going into the room?!?, and set off a trap, a grate fell blocking the room, hitting the Paladin on the head – ouch.

Two harpies started singing and the two of them were stuck inside with Lisos on the other side of the grate. Harpies were killed, some ghouls dispatched and a suit of elven chain mail discovered.

The group then returned to Hommlett with all their looted booty and treasure. They ID’ed their magical items, cloak of protection +1 and ring of shooting stars. The paladin then bought his way into the Keep utilising his treasure and Aisan’s debts.

The group stocked up with spell components re entered the Temple and took on some guards. Aisan and Lisos were hanging back during combat and discovered they were being approached from the rear. Aisan used his ring of SS, hitting the bad guys with a cone of sparks. The bad guys fought back, throwing a javelin of lightning that dished out 26 points of dmg to Aisan and 20 to Lisos, they both ran away, forgetting to tell the Paladin that they had done so.

So the Paladin continued fighting whilst a screaming Aisan and Lisos ran down corridors trying to drink healing potions. They turned and overpowered the guard and returned to help out the Paladin.

The party have now discovered another guard area and are proceeding closer to the lair of Romag, who it was discovered was the chief cleric of the Earth temple, the first elemental temple they had come across in the complex.

During the next session the PCs got closer to the Earth elemental temple, Adventure Synopsis

Cronika sneaked ahead to check out a door, fell down a pit trap, alerting some guards.

Aisan hit them with a fireball, killing 10 in the process and wounding some sergeants.

The PC's ran to support, got attacked from the rear because they ran past an unopened door. PC's exchanged profanities, spells and steel with the baddies and drove them back. The chief cleric romag was driven off and chased.

The PC's utilised darkness to get on past some obstructions and got hit by a barrel of oil. Then they found the cleric who escaped through a secret door into the temple.

PC's chased him into there hitting him with magic missiles, he was severely wounded and fell in a doorway. The ground started shaking and 4 earth elementals rose up from the ground.

After a big battle the Earth elementals and their evil cleric master were killed and the PCs returned victoriously to Hommlet.

Thinking that they should try stealth rather than brute force the PCs went to Nulb. The next session when something like this-

Aisan “The Ripper” Four Cloaks and his half elf drow buddy returned to Hommlett after explaining to the rest of the party that Aisan had set upon two grocery delivery boys and killed their donkey. A tramp “John” befriended in the previous adventure had been persuaded to join the two adventurers in a life of brigandry and murder, little did we know what Aisan – still Lord Aisan at that point had in mind for the poor drunkard.

Aisan and the Darth entered Nulb, quickly introduced themselves to Skole and got a job. He wanted them to get the head of John and bring it to the wharf. John had been discussing Skole’s business and Skole was not happy about this. Skole was a vicious looking hardman with a face that was criss-crossed with scars.

Skole had previously been seen beating up John and had been seen heading in the direction of the Temple of Elemental Evil, there was little doubt he was an evildoer. Aisan and Darth tracked down John. He was at the Tavern in a drunken stupor. Aisan picked him up and carried him away getting covered in vomit in the process. Then he got John even more drunk by pouring brandy down his unconscious throat after punching him into oblivion.

Aisan then drew his blade and prepared to cut off his head. “No” screamed Darth, as Aisan’s blade neared the throat of the tramp. Darth threw himself between the prostrate body of John and Aisan, desperately trying to save the life of the poor retch. Darth then managed to talk Aisan into sparing the life of John and delivering him alive to Skole (who said to deliver his head and had previously beaten him up).

They carried John to the wharf and threw him to the ground. Skole was pleased but wanted John dead. Aisan was happy to oblige and as Darth’s eyes bulged in horror he severed John’s head from his shoulders with one mighty blow. This secured their introduction to the Temple.

[GM note a long argument followed whereby Damien refused to accept that his character would face an alignment shift if he continued with such acts. So everyone is aware if you do an evil act by direct action or indirect action it is still an evil act. Delivering someone to their certain death because they have spoken about someone else’s business dealings is an evil act. Skole is a gangster, he asked for John’s head, a lawful good character could assume that Skole did not mean to host a dinner party with John as the guest. Why therefore would someone who is good, assist with, or not prevent the endangerment of another?]

Anyhow Lord Aisan wiped off the blood and led a trembling Darth back to the camp to meet the three clerics and the paladin. He mentioned on the way that what happened in Nulb best stay in Nulb or there might be problems. The rest of the group found at what had happened and were horrified, what was even more worrisome was Aisan’s nonchalant shoulder shrugging attitude. Much praying for Aisan’s doomed soul was had whilst Aisan filled his bowl and ate a hearty meal.
The Priests/Paladin decided that a heinous crime had occurred and punishment was required.

They asked Aisan to name his punishment and conferred together with what would be a suitable recompense. It seemed that reincarnation for John and a hefty payment to his family done ASAP were necessary, or Aisan should be stripped of his Lordly title.

Aisan said he would dedicate his life to charity and give up his title after defeating the Temple, not knowing what the good members of the party had previously decided. That if immediate action was taken then Lord Aisan would become Aisan.

The Clerics enforced their punishment, Aisan was to be stripped of his title, would have to recover the body of John and bring him back to life immediately. Aisan found the body but lacked the funds/means to bring him back.

Aisan and Darth were introduced to the Temple forces (Fire element fraction) they liked the look of Aisan who seemed to have great potential!

The pair were taken into the 2nd level and given a task to prove their ability, to assassinate the chief cleric of the water temple.

somehow Damien’s (and annoying git who joined the group) second character ended up dying. The party arrived in Hommlett and set about burning Darf’s body, primarily to make it difficult to ever raise him but also to avoid desecrating the land.

The PC’s accepted a mission to discover who was behind a series of thefts from the teleportation business and stop the thefts. They discovered that the shipments were being interfered with in mid teleport and that a previous group of adventurers had been teleported (at great cost to the merchant/mage running the franchise) through with a cargo.

The adventurers had been killed. Further enquiries revealed that the NPC group had been attacked physically and had massive open wounds most likely caused by claws. Despite being heavily armed and prepared there was no sign of damage having been done to the other side.

Preparations were made, including invisibility on the PC’s as well as a glyph of warding (trigger evil) on the chest and the PC’s climbed aboard the 30 X 30 X 2 foot marble teleporter slab. Each was given an expensive protection spell to counter the teleportation energies and they were sent to their destination. Unknown to the PC's the slab was supposed to be sent into the Ethereal Plane, rejected from there and directed out at a predetermined location – Raven’s Bluff. The mage was unwilling to give away the technical secrets.

A spell jamming ship in the Ethereal Plane had purposely identified the site that of a teleport route and set about magically holding the slab in place, plundering the loot thereon. This holding of the slab in this Plane cost a great deal of energy and could only be accomplished for a short period of time (45 to 60 mins). The spell jammer ship was crewed by humans who had been over powered by an evil group of Neogi and Umber Hulks who were using the previous crew as slaves.

The PC’s teleported into a strange endless world of glowing fog, vision ranged from 100 to 300 feet, whilst pulses of light and shade came and went at random. The slab appeared to be free floating above an endless drop of nothing but mist, it was a long way for the PC’s to drop. Then through he mist they spied the ship that seemed to be generating it’s own wind currents because the sails billowed without regard to the prevailing wind and the whole vessel glowed with a dim light.

As it got closer human crew in shackles were spotted. The invisible PC’s hidden amongst the cargo on the slab quietly whispered their plans. A single human with a rope tied around this throat, floated from the ship across the empty space between them towards the slab. After promising to help this man and discovering he was a prisoner with his full crew on board he returned to his ship to tell his captors that he could not open the chest.

An Umber Hulk was sent out to get the chest. Aisan swallowed a potion of flying, however this negated the invisibility potion and the Umber hulk saw something move but wasn’t sure what. Luckily the next potion Aisan took was compatible and worked okay. The Umber Hulk signalled for reinforcements and came onto the slab to get the chest. There was a burst of lightning as the glyph was set off and the PC’s all in one form or another assaulted the ship.

Despite the human crew on board, Aisan let loose with a fireball that incinerated a lot of baddies, but all of the goodies. The PC’s were discovering that at will they could fly in this strange Plane and there was lots of aerial combat. Ultimately the ship began to be consumed by the flames and there started to be a 5% accumulative chance per round that the ship’s helm would be destroyed and the holding power over the slab be lost. If the slab returned to Raven's Bluff without the PC's they would have difficulty surviving here to say the least.

The ship began to corkscrew through the mists, spraying off burning wreckage and dead crew. After four rounds the figure had reached 20% but no low rolls were made and the PC’s got back to the slab. A few rounds later there was a massive explosion and a shock wave rushed towards the PC’s who were teleported back to Raven's Bluff, after the spell jamming helm had been destroyed.

Various roleplaying high jinx was had in Raven's Bluff with training and purchasing opportunities for everyone.

During the next section - The group accepted their rewards from the wizards Council and headed back to Hommlett via the transporter. The Druid, Jaroo Ashstaff who had been researching the texts and scrolls liberated from the attack on the temple complex seven years ago met them. Jaroo shared the following information:-

• During the destruction of the temple seven years ago the forces of good were unable to cleanly dispatch a daemon in league with the temple forces, mighty wards and spells we used to seal the doors within the complex to prevent the worshippers from regaining power.
• There are many references within the text that I have researched to a controlling cult that regulated and led to separate elemental factions.
• The controlling cult seams to worship and revere and nameless god, a creature of wickedness, corruption and filth.
• My translation of some of the older texts indicates that it was the forces of the temple who were responsible for the plagues, floods and earthquakes that be spoilt this area when the temple was at its height.
• To Zacharia, you have believed that your father was killed making a last stand against a humanoid army at the keep. He certainly fell in battle but that was not the end of your father, his sacrifice along with a dozen or so of his knights enabled the other residents of the keep to escape to safety. He was captured and transported to the temple.
• Perhaps one of the most perverted acts of the temple thus far was to raise your father and his brave followers inside of the temple to corrupt their bodies and their souls over the months that followed until they were finally killed one last time and powerful arcane magics worked to transform them into the undead servants of the upper temple.
• Baron Fitzrun lost his mind during the terrible tortures that he suffered, I can only imagine that he blamed his God for his downfall.
• When a good and righteous Paladin becomes undead and rejects his own god in this case Helm, the Paladin becomes an instrument the dark gods who seek to further chaos and evil by granting their servant vast and terrible powers.
• Jaroo knows little of necromancy but has received information relating to the powers of the undead Paladin. Firstly the creature retains its previous fighting ability, however gone is the compassion or personality of Baron Fitzrun. The creature is used to make unholy sacrifices to whatever dark god the temple clerics worship.
• The temple's commander, Hedrack, believes it is wonderful sport that the once protector of the region and one who led the armies of good to destroy the temple forces now sacrifices innocents at the will of an evil cult.
• Amongst the powers granted to the Death Knight are the ability to cast offensive magics from elemental spheres. You can expect spells of extreme elemental power, I would suggest you prepare to battle a foe capable of producing fire and ice at will. These are inherent abilities and cannot be disrupted because spellcasting is not required.
• It is rumoured that the death knights as they are known are so powerful that they have the ability to kill with the utterance of one word.

Digesting this information the party rationalised that they now needed to clear the second level of the temple and deal with what was left of the air and fire temples. They loaded up with fire resistant spells and headed in.

After reconnoitring the ground level temple superstructure they noticed activity in a tower to the North East, the PCs had previously cleared out the bandits herein. They utilised a previously discovered secret passage to sneak in to the tower avoiding the barricade set up by the hobgoblin occupiers. All nine hobgoblins were quickly dispatched proving not to be any sort of threat to the party.

The party sealed up a secret entrance they entered by and then headed back into the temple via their normal route. The group again prepped up with magic and headed into the fire temple clearing some abandoned rooms before discovering the fire temple proper. The room contained 2 fire pits that still were burning after weeks of abandonment, in the room were 14 giant cauldrons containing glowing oil.

Aisan tried to get some oil into a flask but as the glass of the flask touched the oil a Denizen of the elemental plane of fire appeared, a fire salamander, immediately igniting the oil. Fortunately everyone had resistance from fire spells on, this salamander and another 13 were killed after each cauldron was set off to produce its occupant. The PCs had very sensibly utilised their fire protection magics that made clearing this temple area very easy.

The PCs then went on to use their detect magic stuff, an area to the south under the burning bed of coal radiated strong magic. As soon as the coal was touched 16 fire salamander's burst from the bed and began to grow to full-size. The PCs attacked, soon learning the majority were illusions, the remainder were destroyed. A red hot iron box heated by the coals was retrieved from the temple, allowed to cool and then checked out for traps by magical means.

The box was trapped, exactly how could not be determined. The PCs knowing that the box contained a powerful magical item that were wary of opening the box least the item be destroyed. Not having a thief was a great disadvantage. The PCs returned to Hommlett hoping to seek aid from the mage therein. He was unable to assist the PCs used various divination spells to try to ascertain what would be the consequences of their predetermined actions e.g. placing hand in box.

Eventually a knock spell was used to open the box and then another hour was spent discussing various scenarios and using more divination spells to try to figure out what the hell was going on.

Eventually seeking the safest possible option the PCs tied a rope to the box and tied the other end to Aisan and made him fly in the air so that the box would be flipped upside down and whatever was inside would fall out hopefully negating the action of the trap.

The contents fell out but as they did so they set off the trap a razor sharp blade that would destroy whatever item was withdrawn from the box. Four items fell out, a sword two potions and a ring. It was determined that there was a higher probability due to the size of the sword that would be hit so a dice was rolled by Tony to ascertain which the four items would be hit and destroyed. The sword bought it and exploded and the other items were blown about the field but were not damaged. After hearing the description of the sword a Longsword + 3 Frost Brand with intelligence the ability to speak languages and innate detection abilities Tony decided to use character points to gain rerolls. The sword was saved and one of the potions was destroyed amongst the rerolling.

During the next session the PCs were ambushed in the upper temple by the death Knight, they narrowly avoided being destroyed and managed to overcome this powerful enemy. Aisan becomes a level 6 mage.
Bartram becomes a level 5 fighter (one ability score can be increased).

An NPC thief was hired to join the party to provide lock opening and trap removal. The Gnome insisted on a fair share of party treasure and will receive XP based upon his participation

The party cleared out level 2 of the dungeon, killing an air elemental. They retrieved a device capable of summoning and controlling air elementals. They tested this device and summoned a more powerful air elemental than they had previously vanquished and killed the creature sending it back to its home plane.

The party then ventured deeper into the dungeons and Aisan quaffed back a potion of Gaseous form and explored the corridors and rooms beyond. The first complex consisted of a central room bordered by four other rooms, the four rooms were occupied by bugbears, ogres and a hill giant with its pet worg.

Aisan explored further down the corridor passing beneath the door coming to a strange circular room full of statues of powerful creatures. He travelled on further coming into a large room filled with all sorts of noxious fungi. On returning to the circular room four glowing lamps that had previously provided illumination herein were beginning to move and followed a Aisan in his gas form up the corridor.

Two of the lights touched Aisan and delivered a powerful electric shock, by now Aisan had reached the door and snuck back under it and rejoined the party for healing.

The party with the intelligence gathered surged down the stairwell into the first complex and systematically killed the occupiers, stealthily utilising silence spells to maintain the element of surprise.

In summary the PCs have cleared out the upper two levels of the temple complex they have discovered in their last adventure an incredible device, a magical mirror that allows them to teleport to any known destination, so for example if you had spent time in ravens bluff you could teleport there instantly.

2 Midsummer Aisan buggered by trolls
13 Midsummer Aisan buggered by ogres
14 Midsummer Aisan buggered by orcs
15 Midsummer Aisan buggered by a dragon...
19th December 2005
Present were Graham, Tony, Paul, Ken and Elwyn.
The group installed their greatest find so far, (a magic mirror capable of scrying, opening portals to viewed area’s and reading thoughts), in the keep. In a fortified room they created a large cage in which they placed the mirror, each PC has a key enabling them to open this cage allowing access to the mirror. So any creature coming out of the mirror will be trapped in the cage.

A new character joined the group, Ken’s PC, who after being ignored at the doors of the Keep was captured, stripped of his possessions and tied up. After demonstrating his thieving abilities and proving he wasn’t as evil as Aisan he was allowed to tag along.
Aisan did some scrying with his crystal ball and located within the Temple the Ninja who had previously killed him and the Paladin, he was also able to determine that there was a secret way into the Temple via the throne. The PC’s travelled via the mirror into the ground level of the Temple (protections against teleportation prevented the PC’s going in underground) and they started examining the throne. Aisan was unusually insistent that they go down there and get the ninja, further scrying showed that she was taking a bath and was mistreating a captive.

Aisan was acting strangely but the other PC’s didn’t know why. Finally the other characters lack of action was too much for Aisan who sat upon the throne and mentally commanded it to descend. Krakahead was standing near the throne having agreed to go with him, whilst the other PC’s watched. The throne descended down into a tunnel leading vertically into the floor. The other PC’s scrambled after Aisan and the throne continued to descend down the tunnel down the tunnel until it reached a large open room below some 200 feet from the surface.

They had entered a room containing powerful magic and evil. They took one look around the room, convinced Aisan it was time to go and they all got back on the throne an Aisan and commanded it to rise. Back at the surface they returned to the keep via their mirror. The PCs still very concerned at Aisan's strange behaviour and got a second opinion on two magical items he had been carrying around.
Firstly the orb of golden death, the skull shaped orb with for depressions equally spaced around the crown of the skull. This device had several innate powers was also emanating high levels of powerful chaotic evil enchantments. The second item was destroyed by the mage and an exact identification was never made, suffice to say the crystal ball must have been cursed.

Aisan’s behaviour returned to normal and the group agreed that for safekeeping the orb of golden death would be stored within the Wizard Guild at Ravens Bluff.

The PCs prepared to venture once more into the temple proper, readying their weapons they exited in the report will and descended down to level three. They feared that the glowing balls of light that they had encountered during a previous foray onto this level would prove to be difficult opponents, knowing that they discharged electricity as a weapon, they use protection from electricity spells provided by Lisos.

These were cast upon Zacharia and Krakahead, the whole party was invisible and stealthily moved deeper into the dungeon and approached the circular chamber containing the glowing balls. The glowing balls did not react until the Paladin ascended towards them, being highly intelligent creatures made their saving throws to detect an invisible creature. Additionally the PCs had fired slingshots and thrown stones into the chamber to announce their presence.

These creatures were with will-o-the-wisps, they turned invisible themselves scooted round at fast speed to surround Krakahead who they had also detected and then they blasted him with electricity. Aisan opened up with a magic missile hitting and injuring one of the willo-the-wisps. The creatures reacted by/being their body lights, the way in which they communicate, then they all became invisible once more and reappeared the next round surrounding Aisan who over the next couple of rounds was electrocuted to minus five hit points.
Eventually with brute force the PCs, mainly Zacharia with magical support, least of which was Lisos hitting Aisan with a dispel magic that may have negated some of his Potions, managed to cause the will-o-the-wisps to retreat. Battered and bloody PCs retreated themselves back to their keep.

XP award

Monsters – 6000 xp for forcing retreat.
Total per PC 1500 xp (additional roleplay bonus inc.).

Friday 29 December 2005
Present were Graham, Matt, Paul and Ken.

After regrouping the player characters entered the circular chamber previously containing the wisps, fortunately there was no sign of them. The Oriental thief mage fought he heard some movement to the north and went to scout out but nothing was apparent.

Moments later the party were attacked, a fireball detonated in the circular chamber burning some of the PCs, a troop of trolls and ogres then stormed down the corridor and engaged in hand-to-hand fighting. The PCs were too quick and utilised invisibility and levitation to evade the onslaught. Turning the tables on the bad guys are fighters attacked under a shroud of pyrotechnical smoke and a darkness spell, quickly chopping down the trolls and ogres. Another fireball flashed into the room enveloping all the characters, this crispy fried the Oriental character who fell from a cresset 20 foot above the floor, unfortunately for him the fall did more damage and killed him. Lisos jumped upon the unconscious form of Aisan and saved him from a permanent death while taking a massive amount of fire damage herself, leaving her on one hit point.

The characters pursued the fleeing humanoids up the corridor and took them on making good use of three-dimensional combat to outflank their foes. The surviving trolls and ogres fled from the battle. The source of the fireballs was not determined.

The group returned to their keep and from there visited the temple in Hommlett where the Oriental character was raised from the dead and therefore owes the party 10,000 gold. They then returned to the temple and sneaked into the circular chamber once more.

Fearing that the items in the statues were trapped or cursed the player characters pulled back to their safe refuge and learnt some spells.

They utilised unseen servant spells to pick up the items or drag them across the floor they then roped them together and returned to the keep. The items were identified and distributed or sold as applicable. Amongst the horde was a platinum urn worth 20,000 gold pieces, a ring of x-ray vision, a cloak of poisonousness, a cursed spear, a crossbow of speed with a missing string, a scroll of protection from magic.

The group returned once more to the temple and headed for a room to the southwest of the third floor that was known to contain a forest of fungi. The group were extremely cautious utilising invisibility and silence spells/potions, they entered the large grotto that was filled from floor-to-ceiling with bulbous mushroom type growths. They sought to destroy some of this damp myconid life with fire and succeeded in killing off some spores and the outer layers of fungi, but the fungal growth was so dense and thick it didn't make much of an impression.

The Paladin spotted a female human fighter at the back of the chamber who peaked over a growth of mushrooms, she was wearing a golden helmet and quickly ducked out of view. The Paladin hoisted the dwarf bard up into the air and both of them levitated forwards through the mushroom fields. Lisos also levitated upwards having acquired Aisan’s boots of levitation and covered the party with the wand of paralyzation.

As the Paladin and bard move forward they were suddenly chilled by what later turned out to be a giant fungi that was capable of sucking heat from any warm blooded creatures that came within 5 feet of it. Both took considerable damage (25hps each in a round) and pulled back to assess the situation. The party were then stumped the fungi growth stretched from floor-to-ceiling, was immobile, nonintelligent and had no active attacks or defences but seemed impervious to ordinary physical or weapon attacks. They utilised the unseen servant to pour oil all over the mushroom and then set it on fire. Unfortunately the heat from the fire fed the mushroom which expanded to four times its normal size nearly filling the centre of the chamber from one wall to the other, expanding to encroach over the other mushrooms in the room as it did so.

So the party had managed to turn a small killer mushroom into a giant size one.

Following the bard's advice the party headed up to level 2 and then came down a southwesterly passage that brought the group down into the back of his mushroom room past the giant killer mushroom. The group used a silence spell and then battled through a soft mouldy dungeon door and entered the room. The Paladin detected an evil aura 60 foot from the doorway, and the Oriental thief fired a web off into the area. The Paladin and the dwarven bard, both who could run around in Webbed areas drove forward to deal with this creature.

The evil was emanating from a female fighter who was trapped within the Web and trying to cut herself free the Paladin tried to strike her but got tangled in the fungi and fell over. The dwarf raised his mighty battleaxe and drove it into the chest of the female fighter who screamed and coughed up blood whilst pleading for mercy.
The dwarf struck her a couple more times, then she got off a charm spell an instant before the dwarf tried to strike her dead. (The charm spell works as quickly as a magic missile and so is perhaps a potent weapon that the party could use against foes). The dwarf was charmed and the Paladin who had regained his feet and was invisible struck the fighter. This didn't go down well with dwarf whose new-found friend was being killed before is very eyes and so he tried to jump on the Paladin to prevent any further attacks.

The fighter was killed and the creature reverted to its original form. The creature was a Lamia, a cross between a lion's body and legs with a female human's torso, arms and head. The creature had used an illusion to make itself appear as a comely female fighter, it had then charmed the dwarf in an attempt to make party members turn on one another.

The Lamia’s body was looted and found on its person were bracers of defence, and a magical short sword. Around the creatures neck was a non-magical necklace.

XP award
Trolls and Ogres - 8000
Lamia – 3000

Total per PC 3500 xp (additional roleplay bonus inc.).
Players present were Ken, Elwyn, John, Matt, Paul and Graham.

The group returned to the Temple and cleared out a further three rooms, the first area consisted of a trap containing two jackalweres whose primary attack was a gaze attack capable of causing the target to sleep, four gargoyles wearing harpy cloaks and a pack of jackals. The party successfully fought through the illusions created around these creatures and good use of immobilisation of the flying gargoyles by a Web spell allowed them to be quickly dispatched.

The next room was a strange brass lined pit, it turned out that the brass was there to stop the occupant, an Umber Hulk from burrowing out of the Temple. The PCs activated a fire escape type access ladder into the pit allowing the Umber Hulk to surge forwards and try to escape it’s pit. The poor Umber Hulk was attacked by the mean PC’s, fortunately for the group the creature did not get to utilise its gaze attacks and was killed.

The PC’s then moved deeper into the dungeon and found a strange rocky grotto, the home to two giant beasts resembling a hybrid between a mountain goat and a lion. Again Web spells were used to immobilise the creatures before they were taken on with spells and melee weapons.

The group found numerous magical items, the use of detect magic spells removed trap etc combo’s now pretty much means that no item is ever left unfound within the dungeon. Amongst the items found were a lot of cash, a wand of lightning, boots of Elvenkind (allowing near silent movement under nearly any condition) and other useful magic items.

Monster kills – 8310xp
1385 each plus roleplay bonus - 2000xp per character.

Feedback was that AD n D is enjoyable but broader adventuring than just the temple was requested. To that end – it is evening at the Keep, the PCs have re-learnt spells and were in the process of eating a hearty meal before they ventured out once more to strike at the Temple, when a breathless rider a local from Hommlett, arrives and hails the occupants with an urgent message. After being tenderised by Snorg who the hapless courier awoke from a deep slumber, the courier is able to deliver a scroll case bearing the crest of the City of Raven's bluff.

The courier explains that he's been paid 10 gold pieces by Hatchworth (the mage at the teleportation shop) to deliver the scroll case as quickly as possible. The date stamped on the scroll case shows that it was sealed four days ago in Raven's Bluff and further inscription indicates that it was received in Hommlet less than 24 hours ago. The courier is taken to the kitchens to eat with your servants whilst you ponder the meaning of this urgent communiqué and break open the waxen seal to get the parchment within.

The scroll reads as follows:-

Salutations to the Knights and Lady Knight of Brightstone Keep, your martial capabilities are required forthwith to the aid of the City of Raven's Bluff. The City is once again threatened by hostile forces, the Knights and Lady Knight's of all surrounding provinces are required to return to the City to honour their duties and provide aid to the City in this time of peril. Given the insecure method of communication I am unable to describe the threat posed to you at this time but you will receive a full briefing upon your arrival in the city.

Lodgings will be provided within the city's barracks and it is requested that those Knights possessing their own men at Arms and substantial forces bring a portion to help protect the City.

It is asked that you prepare and bring whatever supplies you require for what may be a prolonged and lengthy stay within the City. It is recognised that this message comes at extremely short notice but the threat posed is serious enough to warrant such action. Do not delay, journey to our fair city immediately and lend your swords and spells to the protection of our walls.

Mayor Lady Thoden,
Ravens Bluff

17th day of Marpenoth (Leafall)
Year of the Tankard 1370 DR.
21/01/06 players present Matt, Graham, Tony, Elwyn, Paul and Ken.

The party returned to the city of Raven's bluff, the city was in turmoil, flames licked across every district in the city and Dragons were flying across the skies attacking seemingly at random.

A black dragon attacked a flying carpet nearby to the party a mage wearing a magical ring of feather falling survived the fall unlike his not so lucky comrades. This mage was Red, Matt’s new character, he explained to the party amongst the flames and devastation of the city that this place had been under attack during the hours of darkness for the last several nights.

The party made their way to the mayor’s office, a fortified structure containing all of the civic functions of the city, it appears as a mighty fortress and is in fact fortified to be a linchpin in the defences of the city. The Paladin meanwhile made his way directly to his own temple of Helm.

The party were briefed they were expected to help the city because they were Knights. Much of the city's magic capabilities had been used up during the last three nights of attacks, scrolls, potions and healing balms were running extremely low. Stockpiles were dwindling.

The party were tasked with heading to the north of the city and recapturing or destroying some creatures that it appeared had been deliberately loosed from the city's zoo.

Meanwhile the Paladin found that the temple of Helm had been violated, two dead Paladin's who were guarding the main entrance of the temple had been killed. Strange wormlike holes that cut through the doors and walls of the temple making it appear like Swiss cheese were visible in many areas throughout the temple. Clearly some sort of powerful magical effect that had negated the strong magical protections of the temple. It appeared that somebody had broken into the temple and ransacked the place.

The Paladin rejoined the party and they all headed north to deal with the escapees from the zoo. Whilst following the devastation caused by the largest escapee, a trail of flattened and crushed buildings, the party were ambushed by a group of intelligent raptors that jumped in to attack from rooftops and hides amongst the rubble. Quickly dispatching this group the party were then bulldozed by the giant Behir. This giant snake with legs, a body 40 foot long that discharged powerful electric bolts at will every 10 rounds. It attacked Krakahead with its giant mouth and then tried constricting him with its long body.

The Paladin had gulped back a potion of speed and within a couple of rounds reduced the Behir to sushi.

The last escapee was then seen to be chasing the beast mistress (zookeeper) up the street, this giant beetle had the ability to cause its victims to have heart attacks when it caused ultrasonic vibrations within its carapace.

The Paladin chased the beetle who in turn was chasing the beast mistress across the city and finally the Paladin took it on in combat. The party had tried to magically silence the Paladin and the beetle to negate the vibration effect, unfortunately a magic cloud drifting across the city had dispelled these effects. The magical clouds had been caused over the preceding night's by the fights between the cities mage's and the Dragons.

The creature used its vibration ability hurting the Paladin but unfortunately killing the beast mistress dead. The Paladin then moved in and dispatched the beast that already been severely wounded by Aisan using his ring of shootings stars.

The PCs reported back finding out the powerful magical artefact, a golden dragons claw, had been stolen from the temple of Helm. It was a relic that could be used to assist in the unholy process of a dragon reaching an undead Lich state. An undead dragon, Dracolich had landed in the square outside the temple and had been seen flying away to the North engaging the cities defenders, it was assumed that the rider seen on its back had been carrying the golden dragons claw.

The PCs were asked to investigate an attack on the docks, two ships had rammed the wharf and had spilled out an army of undead, this had been one of the diversionary attacks that pulled forces away from the temple district allowing the theft to occur.

The PCs used guile, clever questioning, interrogation and even incarcerated one of the cities most successful businessmen to discover that three ships had been supplied to a group of what were thought to be pirates. The shipbuilder had weakened these ships so that eventually they would sink, two of the ships had struck into ravens bluff.

Following clues about the buyers the party travelled north up the coast until they came to a fishing village. The village was surrounded by a hemisphere of twilight during the day, this hemisphere was half a mile in all directions from the centre of the village. In the small bay that made up a natural harbour for the fishing village was a partially sunken ship that matched the description of the third ship sold by the businessman.

The PCs entered the bubble of twilight and realised that it had a strange effect on the vegetation that was all dead, as they progressed closer to the centre of the village they noticed the temperature was dropping markedly until it was actually subzero. In the centre of the village were two barn like structures, as they got closer the PCs realised that there was a foul magic afoot. Eerie moans echoed through the darkness around them and they craftily crept forward to the barn. Whilst peering into the barn the PCs were attacked by two wraiths, a group of skeletons were also seen standing in the barn, the rest began to smash their way through a wooden planking to get to the PCs.

The PCs tried to run from the wraiths and came under attack by some sort of magic user who was firing magic missiles at Lisos. Fortunately Lisos became invisible and the Paladin threw himself into the path of another magic-missile saving her.

Meanwhile the rest of the group were being harassed by two wraiths who drained a level per touch. Running low on magic and healing spells the party were forced to retreat back into ravens bluff where restoration spells we used to regain the lost levels.

The party set out once more and took on the remainder of the undead forces within the village, killing two giant skeletons and a bone naga in the process. The PCs actions were hampered by the fact that they do could not clearly see in the twilight world of the village but this had no effect on the visible ranges of the undead who were able to attack out of the seemingly impenetrable mist and fog.

The PCs discovered a strange artefact buried in the village that was causing the twilight and temperature effects, Lisos determined that this was a device that drew energy directly from the negative energy plane and therefore would strengthen any undead within its radius.

The PCs then went and checked out the partially sunken ship, a fireball dispatched most of the zombie crew and the Paladin went in to explore and killed a few more creatures therein.

The group are now sitting upon their two magic carpets and have the negative energy device with them and are considering their next move.

In addition to the XP already granted to the group there will be an additional 2000 XP roleplaying bonus for this long 12 hour session.

Knights of the Golden Rooster (initiate order)

Golden Roosters: The lowest order of the citys knighthoods, drawing its
numbers from proud nobles and cocky adventurers deserving of
some recognition for services to the city; concerned with the prestige,
conduct, and appearance of the city and its champions.

The Knightly code

to serve the nobility and citizenry of Ravens Bluff.
to defend Ravens Bluff.
so that ones life is worthy of respect and honor.

Fair Play
#149; Never attack an unarmed or defenseless foe.
#149; Never use a weapon on an opponent unequal to the attack.
#149; Avoid lying or deception through silence.
#149; Keep promises to a fellow knight.
#149; Avoid cheating and torture.
#149; Obey the laws of Ravens Bluff.
#149; Administer Justice and show Mercy.
#149; Protect the innocent while always maintaining self-control.
#149; Show respect to authority.
#149; Accept and acknowledge personal responsibility for your actions.
#149; Exhibit courage in word and deed, defending the weak and
#149; Destroy evil in all its forms, crushing the monsters that would
steal our land and enslave our people.
#149; Fight with honor, avenging the wronged.
#149; Never abandon a friend, ally, or noble cause.
#149; Always keep your word or promise while maintaining your principles.
#149; Never betray your order, or a confidence, or a comrade.
#149; Respect all life and freedom.
#149; Die with honor.
Courtesy & Benevolence
#149; Exhibit manners; always be polite and attentive.
#149; Be respectful to hosts, women, knights, the elderly, and all who are
#149; Be generous to the less fortunate.
#149; Seek personal glory, not monetary reward.
#149; Serve your city and her people, not yourself.
#149; Set an example of right action to all people.

Benefits of Knighthood
Since knights serve the city, in addition to the honor and renown of their
position they receive certain concrete rewards as well. These take the
form of discounts on the cost of high-level healing spells (heal, raise dead,
resurrection, restoration, and regeneration) at any temple belonging to the
Civic Religion. Knights of 1st and 2nd level receive a 40% discount; 3rd
and 4th level knights receive a 30% discount; 5th and 6th level knights
receive a 20% discount; 7th, 8th, and 9th level knights receive a 10% discount.
Knights of 10th level and above receive no discount, as it is assumed
anyone rising to this level will have accumulated enough coin
along the way to pay for himself or herself; the whole system is skewed to
help worthy but relatively inexperienced knights. These discounts apply
to any knight belonging to any civic order; Lords Knights are not eligible
(it is up to their sponsor to foot the bill in any sad necessity).
All Knights of the Golden Rooster have access to the Rooster Fitness
and Training Center, one of the finest facilities of its kind for keeping
knights in peak physical condition (and thus battle-readiness). Knights
of other orders have access to specialized training in skills related to that
order#146;s focus (for example, Knights of the Griffon learn to ride griffons).
Particular knighthoods may offer other benefits, commensurate with the
order#146;s responsibilities, at the DM#146;s discretion.

Formed to bolster the city.s military in times of war, the Golden Roosters are the
easiest order of Ravenian knighthood to enter, and the most diverse (having fewer rules than
other orders, and accentuating few specific talents or approaches to life). They are thus the
most numerous of Ravenian knights.even after the heavy losses of the recent war.
Golden Roosters can be found throughout the armed forces of Ravens Bluff, all holding at least the rank of Lieutenant.

A primary function of all Ravenian knightly orders is to help bolster
morale and pride among the citizens. The Rooster knights were initially
encouraged to make themselves noticed and to spread the word that the
Bluff is well defended, especially during peacetime. This plan met with
limited success, because the Roosters became more of an annoyance than
an aid to the citizenry. Their courage was expressed as aggressiveness,
and their confidence as arrogance, gaining them a reputation as .cocky
little bantams that do nothing but strut about and boast.. This widespread
perception of the Roosters as all pomp, bluster, and circumstance
was augmented by the easy admission standards of the order at first,
which admitted some real drunkards, swaggering cowards, fops, and outright
scoundrels into their ranks. Even worse, the Roosters seemed to
flaunt their shortcomings rather than trying to hide them.
After none-too-subtle proddings from the Knights Council, the
Golden Roosters have recently made efforts to improve their image,
adopting tougher admission standards to ensure that applicants are worthy
of knighthood. Slowly a manner of quiet elegance is replacing the ostentation
of the past.with a few noticeable exception among the .old
guard.. While the leaders of the order often seem concerned about status
and personal appearance, most Roosters prefer the relaxed attitude this
order offers compared the other Ravenian knightly orders. Many who
joined the Roosters as a stepping stone to another order now find that
they are reluctant to leave. The Golden Roosters also redeemed themselves
in the eyes of many by their valor during wartime; many citizens
recall how in the dark and crucial days of the final battle of the war,
when the enemy was at the very walls, members of .the gilded order.
laughed at defeat and smote the enemy with enthusiasm and high spirits,
rallying all the Ravenian forces.
Today a Rooster can be as proud of his or her order as any other. As
the order imposes relatively few rules on its members, a Rooster.s reputation
is based largely on personal accomplishments. Conversely, the reputation
of the order depends in turn on the reputations of its knights. If a
knight always acts bravely and generously, his or her excellence will increase
the prestige of the Roosters. Of course, such knights are soon invited
to join another order, leaving Roosters to complain that .the cream
of their crop. is constantly being skimmed off.
The new breed of Roosters take their oath very seriously and are vigorous
in their adherence to the tenets of their order. Principal among
these tenets is their oath to defend Ravens Bluff from all enemies. Their
honor, and the honor of other knights, is also very important to a
Rooster. Roosters swear to refrain from lying and cheating, to defend the
honor of other knights, and to deal fairly with all persons they encounter,
be they knight or knave. More and more folk are being attracted
to the order by these ideals. The order admits only those who have
proven themselves in the face of adversity and bear as proof of such
deeds and their character either (a) the verbal testimonial of three upstanding
.that is, prosperous, land-owning, or office-holding.Ravenian
citizens or (b) a letter of recommendation from a knight, high-ranking
priest, or lord of the city. The prospective Golden Rooster must also
be of at, least 4th level (in order to properly execute his or her new duties)
and must gift the city of Ravens Bluff with 1,000 gold pieces (to improve
the city defenses).

1. A Golden Rooster must pay 10 gold pieces a month to support
the Rooster Fitness & Training Center and the Rooster Roost
(an inn open only to members of the order); if the Rooster
participates in more than three peacetime tournaments-of-arms
annually, he or she must pay 10 gold pieces per tournament.
II. In time of war, all members of the order are called upon to serve
in the defense of the city, filling whatever positions are required,
and submitting to all orders of the officers over them except
where such orders are in clear violation of the tenets of the
Golden Roosters.

III. A Golden Rooster must uphold the vows of the order at all
times, whether in Ravens Bluff or not.

I. Upon payment to the order of 10 gold pieces per social event, a
Golden Rooster will be provided with a proper escort to take to
important parties, revels, and city functions. Such an escort will
be a willing and relatively attractive person of more or less the
same height and alignment as the knight, who is not of a faith
or organization opposed to the knight, is not known to be of inappropriate
character, and does not bear personal animosity towards
the knight. Many of the Bluff#146;s most available and attractive
persons enjoy attending social gatherings on the arm of a
Golden Rooster. The social standing, age, and any disabilities of
escorts are ignored; Roosters are expected to provide the poor,
the maimed, and the elderly with opportunities to join in
Ravenian high society.
A Golden Rooster may write a recommendation for a person
seeking admission into the Roosters or any order of Lords
Knights. He or she may also appear as an upstanding citizen to
verbally recommend any individual for admission into any
order. This serves to alert other orders to possible candidates for
their ranks; Roosters cannot write official recommendations, or
make admissible testimonials, for admittance into higher orders.
III. Golden Roosters may serve with the City Watch (and in fact are
encouraged to do so).
IV. The knight is entitled to a secure room with a bed at the
Rooster Roost. This may be demanded at any hour and comes
furnished with a candle-lantern (commonly lit from a hallway
sconce), blankets, a chamberpot, towels, a robe, and three ewers
of water fit for drinking or washing. The Roost has a self-service
drying room, laundry, and facilities for sharpening, oiling, and
straightening weapons and armor. Soup, stew, and mintwater
are available at all hours upon payment of 1 silver piece per
meal (ample quantities and second helpings included); more
elaborate meals are sometimes available but must be paid for
separately. Former Roosters who have joined other orders are
only welcome at the Roost if space permits and upon payment of
a 4 gp per night fee.
V. A storage chest is provided at the Rooster Fitness & Training
Center for the knight#146;s personal use. The Center is the finest facility
of its kind in the city, offering full bathing facilities and
exercise areas with climbing ropes, tumbling mats, vault-bars, a
circuit track, a rough stone wall to scale, and secure areas for
weapons-practice against either a live opponent (provided with
padded armor, blunt weapons, helms, and shields, if desired) or a
rope-operated moving dummy. There is, however, no room for
mounted work; tilting at the quintain and mock passages-ofarms
or lance-through-ring practice must be conducted outside
the city. Former Roosters who have joined other orders are, of
course, still welcome at the Center.

03/02/06 Present were Paul, Graham, Ken and John.

The PC's continued their investigations and tracked down a base for the cultists.

They were assigned a mission to explore the base area and prepare the way for an attack from forces of the Temple of Helm.

They had discovered by charming a raised cultist that the leader of this cultist cell was a vampire, he was assisted by a necromancer and cleric.

The group moved in, killed a powerful wyvern and then successfully destroyed the vampire permanently.

XP for session was 5000, Orbis has leveled to level 7.

The player characters had been cast into a watery environment during the last session. They had survived, having repelled an attack by some undead in taking over a warren occupied by goblins.

During last nights session player characters continued their scouting and then were attacked once more by the undead. Despite the Paladin's best attempts to kill Krakahead, the undead were killed and player characters then began to explore the ravine, which ran away to the North East.

Krakahead had on the helm of underwater vision, he spied a trio of evil looking water dwelling witches that he described the other player characters in mime. The group were then attacked by giant sized shark which swallowed the Paladin whole. Fortunately everyone had received spells of water breathing so the Paladin was merely uncomfortable but not suffocating whilst the others hacked from the outside Paladin hacked from the inside and within a few rounds the shark died.

Found within the shark's belly was a staff of thunder and lightning.

The stats for that item are as follows:-

asual examination of this stout quarterstaff will show it to be exceptional, and if it is magically examined, it will radiate an aura of alteration magic. Constructed of wood (ash, oak, bronzewood, or the like) and bound with iron set with silver rivets, it has the properties of a +2 magical weapon without any expenditure of its magical charges. Its other magical properties are as follows:
Thunder: The staff strikes as a +3 weapon, and unless the opponent struck saves successfully vs. rods, staves, and wands, he will be stunned from the noise of the staff's impact--unable to take any further action in the round struck, and automatically having last initiative in the following round. This power requires the expenditure of one charge.

Lightning: A short spark of electricity leaps forth when the opponent is struck, causing normal staff damage, plus 2d6 additional points of damage from shock. Note that the staff might not score a hit, but the electrical discharge discounts any form of metal armor (making the target effectively AC 10 for this purpose), so only such damage might apply. This power requires the expenditure of one charge.
Thunderclap: The staff sends forth a cone of deafening noise, 5 feet wide at the apex, 40 feet long, and 20 feet wide at a point farthest from the source. All creatures within this cone, wholly or partially, must roll a successful saving throw vs. rods, staves, and wands or be stunned for 1d2 rounds (unable to attack during this time) and unable to hear for 1d2 additional rounds. Those who save are unable to hear for 1d4 rounds, but suffer no loss of attacks. This function requires the expenditure of two charges.

Lightning Stroke: A bolt similar to that from a wand of lightning is generated, but it is of 8d6 strength, causing 16-48 points of damage (rolls of 1 are counted as 2) to those who fail a saving throw. The stroke can be single or forked. This function of the rod uses two charges.
Thunder & Lightning: This power combines the thunderclap, described above, with a forked lightning bolt as in the lightning stroke. Damage from the lightning is a total of 8d6 with rolls of 1 or 2 counted as rolls of 3, for a range of 24-48 points. A saving throw applies, with deafness and half damage suffered by those who are successful. This power requires the expenditure of four charges.

The casting time required for any function is equal to the number of charges expended; thus, the thunder & lightning function costs four charges and has an initiative modifier of +4.

XP awards

In the past two sessions 4000 XP is awarded per session (to a maximum of 8000 XP if you attended both).

Therefore Lisos levels as a cleric.
Krakahead levels as a fighter.

11 Sep 2006
Two week synopsis.

The party licked their wounds, healed the injured and set about exploring the southern end of the node.

Exploration revealed the stairwell that led down into a cavern. The cavern comprised of a huge open area, at one end a lake of molten magma filled the room, this was constantly replenished by a waterfall of magma that fell directly from a portal hanging in space some 50 feet above the magma pool.

Standing by this magma pool was a pair of five giants and some ogres. The party drew the ogres away and killed them and made short work of the fire giants. The Paladin managed to break his Longsword and score a critical hit on himself, despite this the party prevailed.

In the centre of the room was a pedestal upon which rested a book the whole construction was covered with a force field like dome of shimmering energy. The book looked valuable. Aisan went to grab it. Four fire mephits materialised and attacked, breathing fire and launching magic missiles. The party retreated.

The party regrouped and went to battle the mephits. During this battle the Paladin struck the force field with his sword releasing another four mephits. Eventually all eight were slaughtered.

The runes on the book were deciphered and read in Daemon stated – For Zuggtumoys beloved, who must brave the flames four times to gain true sight.

Some magical weapons were also found amongst the possessions.

During the second session and enlarged PC group scouted out the western side of the node. Some am dead were found and a Golem. The party were enticed by a large room containing a spit of corridor that led out into a large pool of liquid magma. On a ledge on the far side of the room was a shimmering force field containing a rotating sword. Interlacing the far end of the chamber closest to the sword were hundreds of rise of light that cut across the room.

A detect traps revealed that the spit of corridor was trapped at the end and that there was a trapdoor in the ceiling directly above. After much deliberation, Damon's character in attempt to foster trust with the rest of the party decided he would set the trap off. He took a corpse found in another room and threw it on to the trap mechanism setting it off. A glass barrel containing highly volatile liquids dropped from the trapdoor ceiling. It hit the ground and detonated in a massive explosion, it spread throughout the corridors in this region and nearly killed the whole party.

Next the party were attacked by the inhabitants of the magma pool, a trio of Dracohydras. The Paladin insisted on taking one on and got blasted with fire from all eight heads. The party then retreated and dispatched two of the creatures with magic missiles, missile weapons and old-fashioned hack and slash. The last creature fled in terror.

The brave thief climbed all the way round the outside of the room, laughing in the face of certain doom should he slip, and managed to get to the sword. Breaking the laser beams and the force field had no effect and he retrieved the golden Longsword. The thief returned and the weapon was identified as a holy avenger.

Subsequent investigation revealed that it was in fact a piece of wood covered with crafty illusionary magic. The whole room had been some sick joke. With much discussed amongst the party members the adventurers pressed on.

Three new adventurers had joined the party over the last two sessions.

A thief played by Alex. (who has already beaten the dying the most times in a session record).
A bard played by Jester. (Who has beaten the I will join the party and try to kill them all record).
And finally an archer played by Tom. (Who will no doubt try to combine the above two records in some glorious fashion next session).

The XP from the last session was a measly 3000 XP. Nobody has levelled but several characters should level after the next session.
03 Aug 2006
Saturdays session will be at Grahams at 2pm.

The PC's have explored more of the water cavern, they have killed a water elemental, stolen a submarine and ransacked a hag base.

Party tactics have evolved to a state nearing perfection, a whole hag base was wiped out with the PCs barely breaking into a sweat.

Unfortunately things did not go so well when the party met an iron golem in a sub aqua tunnel. A magical air lock prevented the golem from rusting up, the PCs stepped through and got whalloped. The golem breathed poison gas every other round and this nearly killed the paladin.

The group used a dispel magic to temporarily turn off the air lock and the water slammed the golem and lisos into a chamber with a rune on the floor identical to the one that had teleported them into this realm. This rune was a fire symbol.

The PCs all got together and then journeyed through the rune station. Was this the way out?

Unfortunately not.

The PCs found them selves in a large very hot room. They had found their way out of the water area into the fire area.

But how bad can that be right???

Saturday 5 August 2006

The party had arrived in the fire node. It was decided that they would do a reconnaissance mission to ascertain what the dangers were. Clerical Magic revealed that there were two trapped doors amongst the eight doors that exited this room. All the doors were shut and comprised of thick stone, 40' x 10' with a thickness of about 2'.

Reasoning that the trapped areas would probably lead to creatures with some form of intelligence the party explored this area. A silent spell was cast on a pebble and the door was opened, a long corridor led to the South and was lit by numerous continual lights spells that were burning brightly from coloured Crystals fixed in cressets every 20 feet.

The trap was found on the back of the door face, a magic mouth spell had been cast to alert something when the door was opened. The silent spell negated this. The party could see 2 hellhounds at the far end of the corridor, there were a couple of doors and junctions off the corridor. The active party members, Zacharia, Krakahead, Lisos and Orbis were invisible. Zacharia and Krakahead under the influence of another silence spell charged forward to deal with the hellhounds. Lisos and Orbis stayed at the first junction to provide backup.

One of the hellhounds (creatures that can see through invisibility) saw Zacharia, Zacharia and Krakahead ran onto a hinged pit trap, the pit trap had a lid that was 15 feet long 10 feet wide, it was 25 feet deep. Krakahead failed his dexterity role and fell silently straight to the bottom of the pit taking damage, Zacharia managed to grab the lip of the pit, a 1 foot ledge that ran down both sides of the pit allowing access along the corridor whilst the pit lead was down. The hellhounds are barking and making a racket and the humanoid inhabitants of this section were alerted.

The lid of the pit trap began to mechanically reset itself, there being a set of gears underneath the pivot point. Krakahead looked up and could see the lid closing on him, being so small there was no way to him to get out. Zacharia managed to scramble up the side of the pit trap as it reset, and then sidestepped along the lip to reach the hellhounds.

Meanwhile between the two groups of PCs in the middle of the corridor 2 giant trolls emerged from one of the junctions. Beyond the pit trap 4 normal size trolls appeared. Zacharia advanced upon the hellhounds and with a mighty blow severed the short choke chains that secured them to the wall.

He then leapt backwards, craftily ran across the lip of the pit trap leading the baying hellhounds after him. Both hellhounds fell down the pit trap on top of Krakahead who was still silenced. Krakahead dispatched the pooches in a couple of rounds.

Meanwhile between the split parties of Lisos/Orbis and at the other end of the corridor Krakahead in the pit and Zacharia on the edge, a group of orcs reinforced the 2 giant trolls. The two giant trolls ran south down the corridor to find out what was happening while the orc force lined up.

Lisos and Orbis remained invisible and prepared to attack the orc force. Zacharia managed to sidestep the giant trolls and then pushed one in to the pit trap where Krakahead was waiting.

Whilst Krakahead dismembered the giant troll in the pit, Zacharia took on the giant troll at the edge of the pit. Lisos then used the wand of Frost to blast the first 10 trolls and froze them solid.

Beyond the pit trap a fire giant poked his head round the door and then disappeared. The fighting continued to rage and the four trolls south of the pit trap armed themselves with flaming pikes that they tried to use to skewer Krakahead in the trap.

Zacharia had killed his giant troll and then inched his way along the side of the pit trap to take on the 4 normal trolls. Lisos blasted another 10 orcs and froze them solid as well. Orbis had spied the command element of the orc force and was waiting for them to emerge to utilise his glyphed weapon to full effect.

As Zacharia took on the trolls the fire giant appeared with reinforcements. This 18 foot giant was covered in heavily armoured plate mail, and his skin was a stony grey colour. In each hand it held a hell hound, it then threw the dogs into the pit. Zacharia then had a one-sided battle between the trolls and the fire giant.

After a few hits it was clear that the fire giant was incredibly strong and it was employing a two-handed sword along which was covered in flames. Krakahead took on the other two hellhounds and killed them both, he began to pile the bodies in the pit to try to make a platform on which to stand.

Zacharia dodged back across the ledge of the pit trap again and there was a clanking noise as the pit trap was affixed in the closed position with great bolts. Further fire giants appeared at the southern end of the corridor. One of the giants lobbed the trolls in the air and threw them clear over Zacharia and they landed in the corridor beyond springing to their feet to attack. Zacharia was utilising the invisibility ring to pop in and out of sight.

Lisos shouted a warning and then blasted the corridor with the wand of Frost. Zacharia dropped to the floor but still was caught in the blast the trolls were damaged as was Zacharia and the fire giant.

Fortunately Dan had turned up. He sent a couple of lance of disruption spells down the corridor that killed the trolls. Lisos sealed off the orc room with a wall of ice spell from the wand. She then used it again to form a wall between the nearest fire giants effectively sealing the reinforcements off from the boss giant.

The fire giants then began to smash the ice wall down and Zacharia could hear Ogre reinforcements joining the fire giants. Zacharia managed to dodge between the legs of the fire giants and get into the room behind where the reinforcements were coming from. At that point Dan then fireballed the corridor. This killed off the trolls and did minimal damage to the fire giants.

A fire giant crossed the pit and ran towards Lisos, Orbis and Dan. The fire giant attacked Dan’s mage nearly killing him but knocking him unconscious (-7 hps). Orbis and Lisos were also severely injured but managed to kill this fire giant that had already been singed by fireballing.

Zacharia saw a Shaman fire giant but more importantly a big lever on the wall that he pulled to disengaged the locking mechanism on the pit trap. The timing was perfect as a giant stepped forwards to attack the mage with the fireballs. It fell straight into the pit with Krakahead who took his opportunity to cave the head in of the stunned giant. Zacharia sacrificed a short sword plus 1 that he drove into the gears and cogs visible through the slot where the lever was positioned. This jammed the mechanism meaning that the pit could not reset to the closed position.

Zacharia saw that giant sized granite bowling balls were being rolled forward by the ogres for use by the fire giants. They picked these up and began to throw them at Krakahead, one powerful shot broke his left leg and Krakahead played dead. As the fire giants regrouped Zacharia attacked again and after taking heavy damage rolled down into the pit trap after becoming invisible again.

The fire giant King bellowed out, “Incinerator there are intruders, help us”. Zacharia stripped of his armour enabling him to climb, roped this together and tied the end onto Krakahead's foot. Krakahead had fortunately decided to take a repair injury spell which he was casting on his leg at the time. This was interrupted as a Paladin climbed out the pit and then sprinted north up the corridor trailing 100lbs of armour and the dwarf behind him.

The fire giants threw some more giant boulders up the corridor at the party. The ogre force now emerged and the fire giants began the counter-attack. Incinerator replied in a deep evil sounding voice, “Fire giant am I you're lackie, to answer your call as you wish”?

The party retreated to the start position, they healed as best they could and decided they would rest. The fire giant forces banged and hammered on the other door leading to the south effectively barricading it.

There was then a knock on the door and someone introduced himself as incinerator. The door was opened and it turned out that this was a red wyrm polymorphed into human form. Incinerator insisted that the party find a way out of this fine node for it, it demanded they do so within 10 days or would kill them. They could do whatever they wished in the node it was not concerned with their ant like antics, they must merely find the way out for this creature. Questioning revealed the red Dragon was under a powerful Geas and could not venture out of the southern end of this complex nor could it hurt the natural inhabitants of this area, i.e. the fire giants but it could harm the party.

Incinerator left and the Ogres then snuck up on the other door to the south, the one the party had been using and attached a rope to the door handle so they could put open from a distance. The invisible Paladin forced open the door squashing an unfortunate ogre.

There was an invisible flying ogre mage high up in the corridor above the level of the door which let loose with a cone of cold spell (8d8 dmg) that hit Lisos and Zacharia.

The second door was then sprung open to the south and ogres and hill giants began to pour into the room from both doors. Somehow with a combination of fireballs, blind luck and cheating the party managed to hold off the forces at these 2 choke points and kill the remaining giants and ogres in the room. At this point all PCs were down to less than a quarter of the hit points and the party was completely out of magic, fortunately they managed to break the attack and the fire giants failed their morale roles and retreated back along the corridors.

Dan's character is unconscious, Krakahead has a broken leg, the other active party members including Aisan who joined in at the end actually casting spells directly from the spell book and therefore losing those spells permanently, were all severely wounded.

The XP total was huge over 10,000 XP, the party managed to dispatch 150 hit dice worth of creatures and somehow survived…

Saturday 02.12.06

The party were camped within the Frost giant keep.

Krakahead had been lost, the group explored and regained possession of the submersible.

The party then prepared and entered the depths, they scouted the Sea Devils village finding a culturally and religiously important icon of great value to the Sea Devils.

Naturally they ransacked this, stealing the treasure and destroying the icon.

This infuriated the Sea Devils, who then launched an attack in retaliation.

The party hid within the keep whilst an invisible Paladin managed to seriously wound and capture one of the priestess of the Sea Devils.

Typical to form they tied her up, gagged her and got NPC Aisan to torture her horribly.

Lisos then pretended to be a fellow captive Sea Devil but the priestess saw through this.

She cried to help and her cries rang out through the depths, the party quickly silenced her. The priestess had been trying to call Dragonsani.

Seeing an opportunity the party relocated back to the destroyed keep, where they waited in ambush and allowed the priestess to call Dragonsani up from the depths.

The party buffed the Paladin to the max, and then hid upon a rock outcrop out of reach, and the priestess was allowed to call up the 30 foot terror.

Dragonsani finally arrived, AC 0, THACO -1, Attacks 7, each 2d10+, what chance if any the Paladin stand?

The tactics employed by the party worked superbly. Stoneskin negated the first attacks on the Paladin who was hasted and able to dish out massive damage. The rest of the party fired in long range magical or missile attacks and within a couple of rounds the onslaught of this concentrated firepower brought Dragonsani down ALL 160 hit points worth.

For placing himself in extreme danger of permanent death the Paladin was awarded a hero point.

Everybody was granted 6000 XP

So far!?! Recovered from the Sea Devil village was Krakahead's lost hammer and helmet of underwater action.

The party managed to fill one of their four-pint containers with Dragonsani's blood.
The PC's chickened out of taking on the aboleth and journed into the swirling winds of the Air Node.

They were hunted by a dragon and sought refuge over to the west of the Node where thhey came upon and killed a beholder.

Lisos was killed but used an action point to avoid that attack and Dan's mage was turned to stone.

The treasure horde contained a limited wish spell that was used to get a stone to flesh scroll, bring Dan's PC back to life.

Adventure award 5000 xp

late session update

The PC’s explored a tunnel off the beholders lair.

The tunnel led into a funnel shaped room that need via a narrowing funnel down vertically into a much larger chamber beyond.

This larger chamber was a hexagonal room, 200 hundred feet across.

The brave thief Cerdic went and explored at the end of a rope, other party members lowered him down. He spied that on each of the 6 walls of the room (with the exception of one) there was a huge glass window and a room beyond. The 6th wall held a double door way engraved with pictures of lion hawk creatures.

The thief then tried to climb up but a force field had appeared in the funnel entrance blocking his way out. The rest of the party laughed and tried poking him with sticks but to no avail. Anything would go through the force field but nothing could come out. As the party where considering leaving the hapless hero dangling a wall of flame shot down the corridor towards them, forcing them to jump down the funnel themselves.

The party were now trapped in the large room. The thief had previously scouted out the only doorway that was open leading into a corridor to the first glass walled room. Runes above the door read something like – only one life form may enter with five non life forms, any additional will be destroyed.

Cerdic took in more than 5 items and some of these were randomly destroyed.

It soon became clear that each of the 5 rooms contained a series of fiendish traps.

Room 1

A balance beam levitating above a red floor, there were 2 safe areas marked in white. The thief found that the bar was extremely slippery and decided to save time by bounding across it. On one of his leaps he lost his footing and touched the floor. Outside in the main room random combinations of spells and monster summonsings hit the party. What fun, the bard was held and a pack of scorpions appeared attacking the party.

Room 2

This involved climbing poles and pulling levers at random.

Outside in the main room, the party got hit by ghouls and the bard failed his saves against a permanent red clowns nose and big black clown boots. The party were hit by telekinesis and got thrown in the air, the flying was good but the landing was bad.

Room 3

This contained a rising water room with cages containing deadly sea creatures, (poisonous snakes and the like). The thief shut the locks and then managed to complete the room.

Room 4

A pavement of collapsible blocks requiring very soft steps. The thief made lots of mistakes. (We were now thinking on purpose).

The party got hit by loads of monsters, the bard and Lisos got donkey ears, Lisos was deafened. The bard got big buck teeth, the fighter (Matt’s) made a critical fail and got tombstone teeth.

Room 5

A room full of vases, chandeliers and other noisy breakables randomly stacked in precarious positions. A monkey with giant ears sat snoring on a chair with levers in front of him, and his hand rested on a lever. The thief was now thinking about his life expectancy on rejoining the party, so craftily crept towards the cute dozing primate, an arrow head clenched in his sweaty palm. A tripwire pinged, a vase, cutlery set, pots and pans and a bowling ball dropped to the ground. The part swore loudly at the thief and the bard got turned into a hippo (not permanently).

The thief reached the monkey who had fallen asleep after pulling the lever in fright with all the noise. Cerdic then stabbed the monkey and killed it.

He then turned the chain drive wheel opening the two big doors in the room beyond.

5000 xp each

a hero point for the thief.

Last session involved Damon and Graham losing levels, always good fun and the PC's going through various traps to find the vampire lair.

5000 xp each.
8500 xp each for the last session, the party have fully explored the air node and then returned to the water world where they battled a lesser beholder and began an assault on the Aboleth lair.
Saturday 23/06/07.

12000 xp each

PC's scouted, found a strange glowing ball bout 2 meters across that caused lightning in the clouds.

PC's found a Frost Giant Lair and decided to kill em all.

The party flew in and started to smash the emerging Frost Giants who then used their long range snow/ice ball attacks to cause pain.

A separate group of wyverns ridden by hobgoblins then atacked from behind. The party were down to 2 active players, after fireballing their own paladin (in the name of overall higher damage apparently???).

In response to the huge battle the white globe ball thing setted down to earth and four 40' giants stepped out of it. The party fled, chased by giant eagles and gargoyles that acommpanied the giants.

(Jester and Dan and anyone else at the last session where an NPC party were taken out get 5000 xp, this was not given after that last session).
One of the best sessions for a while last night - thanks all!

Since session reports seem to have gone out of fashion lately, (we're all busy!) I thought I'd have a go.

The group actually succeeded in obtaining the dragon's egg from the cloud giants' castle and getting the reward.

It was particularly good fun seeing "The Lawful Good Two" at work on their first theft- Orbis "Burglar" Goodbody and Zachariah "Flying Fingers", who also successfully fenced the stolen goods.

One of the two was later reported to have been asleep at around the time the alleged breaking and entering occurred, while the other insisted that no reliable witness had actually seen him in the vicinity of the robbery.

A minor fire at the same location shortly beforehand is believed to have been unrelated.

An impromptu street performance in the area (attempted egg juggling) was not a success, and is unlikely to be repeated.

Rumours of parties unknown dropping a kitten and a paladin into a well weighed down by a large suit of armour and numerous magic items are unconfirmed.

One known associate of the dodgy duo was reported shortly after these alleged events sporting a very shiny new magic weapon, possibly obtained in dubious circumstances . The addition of a new "minder" to the group, reported to be a half-elf, remains a matter for speculation.

Former alleged gang boss Lord Brighstone was unavailable for comment.

5 May 2009
Party decided to try and get past the magical ward in the Lichs study, through the use of an invisible servant. The servant set off the ward, causing 4 fire elemental type creatures to appear and attack. It tried to get past the ward again, and four more were generated. Big fight ensued. The drow got pummeled and frazzled. Party retreated to the stairs, and managed to beat the creatures back. Just as the battle finished, time stopped, and the Lich appeared, had a gloat, then transported the party into an arena, where they were attacked by a variety of monsters, including the constructs that were seen earlier in the Lichs tower. The party won, just, and the Lich reappeared. For the first time ever, Yashimos compulsion for honesty came into effect, and whilst the others thought of a cunning story to tell the Lich about why they were here, he spilt the beans. Lich however agreed to let party go, as long as they told him everything. I think an agreement to get some of his blood was also forthcoming.

Loads of XP, Rod of Lord Might broke, lots of potions used, Orbis on 5hp, Paladin realised he can cast spells, Jester failed to kill any of the party.

Five word summary:
Fight, Lich, Arena, Fight, Relief.

16 Aug 2009
The Lich Izzrune outlined his bargain with the party. If the paladin and clerics gave their word to assist his escape from the nodes then he would offer the party support and aid. All agreed to his deal.

Izzrune produced magical items for the active characters, these included rings if wizardry for the bard and mage. A elementally imbued nunchuka for Lisos and the previously lost Mace of Disruption for Orbis. Additionally the mage offered to swap a potent evil cloak for a further ring of wizardry, the Lich agreed.

Izzrune teleported the party outside of the protective bubble surrounding his tower. The PC’s set about mapping the realm and hoped to come across the purple worn in the process. The node was some 20 miles across, a mass of dried worn stone, sand and gravel. In the centre an outcrop of razor rock cover a circular area a mile wide. The party made of use of flying spells to scout the area. They followed a set of huge footprints and found a stone cliff face several hundred feet high, at the top of the cliff was a stone wall with huge spikes and blocks arranged on the top to make entry difficult.

The party continued to search and happened upon the earth node pedestal. This 9 foot high four sided column was topped with a glass 4 sided pyramid. Inside the pyramid was a gem. 4 mouths projected out from each side of the pedestal and beneath each were demonic runes. Dan’s mage started to copy the runes but felt magically compelled to reach out and touch the pedestal. As he did so a voice roared out a sentence in demonic. An earth elemental exploded out of the rock floor nearby and set about hitting the party whilst a black smoky shape started to coalesce above the pedestal. The 16HD elemental was reduce to 3 hps in one round! And swiftly retreated back into the rock.

A Baatezu demon formed from the smoke and began to attack. This creature blasted the party with lightning bolts and confused matters with illusions. It used it naturally ability to teleport to retreat when it got into difficulty and tried to isolate a party member to kill with melee attacks. Dan’s unfortunate mage was the target. The mage had been feared by the demon that followed and then attacked stripping away the stone skins and finishing off the mage who’s lifeless body fell to splat on the floor below.

Yishimo got two heavy attacks on the creature and reduced it to negative hps, Lisos recognised it was a regenerator and the beastie was cut into small pieces. On the way back the party was attacked by the purple worm, it almost swallowed Lisos, missed so stung and poisoned her to death instead. A character point saved the day and the party walked away with two pints of purple worm blood.

The party limped back to Izzrunes tower, the clerics uplifted and brought back the mage.

Having previously seen two drow patrols within the node the party decided they would kidnap a drow or two and try to elicit some information with the help of the lich who promised not to torture the drow. This from a creature who had an undead torturer on the first level of his tower, has skin lamp shades and dines on infants. The party apparently had no moral dilemmas with this and were happy to accept Izzrune’s word…

The party teleported out to find some drow but immediately were greeted by a gorgeous ebony skinned drow babe, wearing transparent spider web armour. The obligatory inappropriate comments by the bard resulted in a 6 headed snaked whip being deployed to his face by said evil Spider Queen Goddess. As the bard went into a writhing ball of agony as his nervous system fired electrical discharges throughout his body the drow babe explained she knew the parties plans and as the drow within the node worshipped fungi and oozes she wanted to help. The paladin did a detect evil and his eye balls steamed as he looked at the drow.

This was an avatar of Lolth come to visit. She handed the party a metal cude embossed with runes. Telling the party they would have to face Zuggtomy’s fungi avatar in the drow temple during a monthly festival if they hoped to get some drow high priestess blood. Lolth left, the bard stopped break dancing and the party carried on with their patrol.

Some minutes later the group happened on a wandering ghost that set about using it’s magic jar attack to take over a body. The bard got possessed his soul was transferred to a gem and the ghost took over his body. Mayhem commenced as the ghost swapped bodies with other party members and eventually Lisos’s soul was in the bard’s body, the ghost was in the paladin and Feral was in Lisos. The paladin went to escapee but couldn’t use the magical sword that was tuned to good and the party beat the crap out of the paladin in order to exorcise the ghost which was eventually destroyed. The ghost sucked 10 years of life from Yashimo and the drow mage and a lot more from the halfling Orbis.

XP was in the order of 20k each.

Now the party plan to infiltrate the drow city and start a civil war.
01 Sep 2009
XP award 7500.

Party captured a drow mage and cleric. An unusual interrogation technique followed and further information about the drow city and node was discovered.

The party then ventured back to the center of the node and found the neutral market place where anyone can trade goods and services.
Sat 31st Oct 2009 XP 20,0000 award, 10,000 for those not in attendance as PC's were used.

The party purchased some magical items and potions from the earth elemental node market place. They then set off to get some dragon blood. The mage used his locate creature spell to track down the dragons exact location and a tunnel entrance a mile up a cliff face was penetrated.

As the party craftily snuck in, the dragons triggered a landslide above the party sealing off their escape, burying two party members in the process. Over the next few rounds the party members were dug out from the rubble and one of the dragons cast darkness on the party to confuse things further. The other dragon (invisible) stalked Yashimmotoockinou as he flew out of the darkness with a light pebble. Yash got hit with a breath weapon attack whilst flying, then a double claw attack and bite combo. The resist acid, fatty acid potion protection and stoneskin absorbed this damage, with the exception of the crushing claw constriction damage. Yash hit the dragon on the claw, wounding the beastie.

Unfortunately, the dragon had cast acidosis on itself turning it’s blood to acid, alien stylie, the dragon was immune to acid so this didn’t affect it in any way, Yash was not so fortunate. His weapon – yes the vorpal blade was plunged into dragon flesh and coated with acid, as he pulled the weapon free he was splattered with this thick viscous acid that burnt his flesh. The sword exploded!!! Yash tutted loudly.
Baad Dagon, noortee noortee.

In the airborne scrap that ensued Yash was badly mauled but managed to get in a few good blows backed up by long range magic missile fire forcing the dragon to retreat and go invisible.

Meanwhile dragon two joined the fun and there was a raging battle across the huge cavern, with acid spraying everywhere, magic missiles, fireballs and lightning bolts. The dragons had esp between each other, as they were identical twins, one had a ring of invisibility on and so attacked without much warning, the other had a ring of fire resistance and ring of mind shielding.

Eventually it was the mages, notably Dan’s PC, using combinations of magic missile and lightning spells that killed the two dragons off. After seeing the mage dispatch his brother, the last dragon did a kamikaze strafing run belching acid in hopes of crushing the mage under it’s bulk. As it came in, jaws wide blasting acid, Dan’s mage unleashed the mother of all lightning bolts straight down it’s gullet.
The dragon exploded in mid air but a fraction of a second later it’s breath weapon enveloped the mage, followed by a shower of dead dragon parts moving at incredible speed which of course themselves were acid because of acidosis. It was the tumbling dragon scrotum that hit the mage full in the face that took him to negative hp’s, and the fall from 20 feet killed him.
Just so the party could remind him that he had sucked dragon scrotum they raised him.

Yash was inconsolable with the loss of his sword and swore to kill every other dragon with his bare teeth. Orbis lost his shield +2 and some of the party lost all of their potions which were ruined with the dragons corrupt water ability. Other rings and other nice things were also melted, but despite the party’s best efforts the paladin’s sword remained intact.

Found amongst the dragons loot was a nice pile of cash and -

Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Poison
Short bow +2, flight arrow +2 x9
Scroll protection from lightning
Ring of healing (bonus to heal skill)
Scale mail +2
Wand of Fire (special) unknown charges

Spell Scroll, Wizard
Claws of the Umber Hulk
Trollish Fortitude
Explosive Runes
Animate Dead
Mind Fog

On the dragons were rings –
Of fire resist
Of mind shielding
Of invisibility

Orbis cut the dragon hides (actually he needs to roll for this) and you have enough scale for 2 suits of black dragon plate and 4 medium shields (or 2 towers), the armour will itself resist acid and it confers protection to the wearer.

Sat 5th Dec 2009.

xp award 10, 000 each, 5, 000 for non present members.

No deaths no magical items destroyed.

3 hours of planning, arguing and brainstorming...
The party then sneaks through the back passage to get into the Drow Complex. The fearless bard leads the way finding a metal door barring the path, he vaporises his body and performs a recce, locating a drow guard on the other side. The old faithful trick of a silence spell on a wraithform party member follows and the bard goes back inside to open the door from the other side. The party rushes the now open door setting off a chain lightning glyph that drops the mage and hurts the others.

Meanwhile the bard actually kills something - no not another party member a guard who he fires an arrow of drow slaying into and Zacheria follows up by killing the other guard who was hiding in shadows. The party then enter the complex proper and scout out the first Drow complex, the Noble House of Mizzrym.

All previous crafty plans are dropped, the slaves of the Drow are the lowly boot licking privy cleaning goblins... and we have 12 masks of mimicry what an opportunity.

19 Dec 2009

Xp award -
15,000 for participants.
5,000 for NPC’s.

The party started in the Drow warehouse. 2 guards attend to relieve the tunnel entrance sentries. However, these sentries had been dispatched by the PC’s. These latest guards are dispatched with an arrow through the chest and a salvo of magic missiles. The party regroup relearn spells with the idea of impersonating a group of goblins. They re enter the warehouse from the tunnels to confront a workgroup of goblins being bossed about by a bugbear boss. The party appearing as drow demand that the goblins and bug bear clean the tunnel – the goblins are ordered to drop to their knees and clean up the floor with their tongues. The party take the opportunity to mimic the appearance of the group, Dan becomes a bugbear, Alex stays as the female drow prisoner and everyone else mimics goblins.

Outside of the warehouse a female drow is giving instructions to a male on a flying carpet, he is loading up a cargo of sacks. The PC’s inexplicably decide this is the time to leave the warehouse, and of course Alex’s PC is mimicking the drow prisoner the party kidnapped. So as far as the drow are concerned a missing house member has suddenly returned. A brief interaction follows and the female is Matron Mother Mizzryun, she demands an explanation. Thinking on his feet Dan claims he was captured by the Lich and managed to escape. No one ever has escaped from the Lich, least of all because of the forcefield set up around the Lich’s tower. So highly suspicious and thinking that either the drow is lying or is acting under instruction from another, the Matron seeks to question the drow further – but Dan won’t obey without hesitation. The Matron knows something is wrong and sends her male fighters into capture Alex.
Meanwhile Jester and Yashimo fly into the most impressive of the buildings to explore. The drow compound is in a full state of alarm, drow are screaming orders at the orcs and bugbears, while goblins scamper about trying to avoid big booted feet. A minor battle follows and to escape Dan casts ice storm, sleet covers the area and flies out of the complex and shelters in a cave several miles away. At the same time Jester and Yash enter the building and in exploring set off another glyph of chain lightning that nearly kills them. The remainder of the party hides in plain sight, merging into the troops running about the complex.

Jester heals up and sets off yet another glyph, the pair then severly wounded try to escape over the walls of the compound. Drow on magic carpets are patrolling the air above the compound and spot Yash and Jester fleeing. Jester gets hit by a flame strike and Yash an arrow if fire. Feral fires off some arrows but critically misses, an arrow of drow slaying lodges up his nostril and his composite long bow is destroyed. Yash goes unconscious and Jester is forced to flee. Yash is hit by magic missiles and is dead before he hits the floor. The party take the opportunity to survey the drow city and escape to regroup in the market place.

A discussion ensues, with Yash’s body captured he is open to interrogation. Unknown to the PC’s, the group then roleplay the raising of Yash and his torture at the hands of the drow. He starts spilling the beans. The PC’s realise that if Yash is brought back to life he not be able to keep his mouth shut and any opportunity to deal with the drow will disappear if the element of surprise if lost. They hatch a cunning plan to rescue Yash. An Aerial Servant is summoned. It is given specific orders – "Bring back Yash’s body dead or alive". Oops.
Yash is manacled in the drow temple, the Aerial Servant busts in and wrenches Yash out of his manacles. The arm and leg manacles are tougher than his limbs and lose the fight, his feet and hands are severed. Unfortunately he also has a thick neck manacle on and the Aerial Servant keep tugging until Yash’s head pops free. The A.S. then brings back the biggest lump - Yash’s torso. The party realise what they have done but still must raise Yash but cannot do so with missing head and other appendages.

30 May 2010,

The PC's snuck back into the Drow city using the masks of mimicry. They had gleaned more information from the Drow prisoner held by the Lich and used this to access the warren of service tunnels and rooms beneath the main Drow Temple. Once satisfied they could come and go disguised as merchants they selected a slave who was to be sacrificed to Zuggtumoy and charmed her. She agreed to wear the cubic atom bomb given to the party by Lolth.

The party retreated and watched for the fireworks to begin. The slaves were taken into the temple and the high priestess summoned the Avatar of Zuggtumoy so it could destroy the unworthy and grant boons to the deserving. This 40' toadstool woman hybrid then snacked on the slaves and swallowed the party's suicide cube bomber. A bad case of indigestion followed and Lolth's avatar, a huge spider drow materialised inside Zuggtumoy. Lolth burst free and then went on a rampage, slaughtering drow in the temple. As Lolth's avatar smashed it's way around the city thousands of giant spiders were shed from her abdomen and scuttled off to kill more drow. Earthquake spells followed and the drow were destroyed. The bard managed to get stuck in a super sticky web from Lolth's avaatar, fortunately the paladin was there to pull him free but a minor mishap left 50% of his skin on the webbing. The cleric was laughing so much she couldn't compose herself to heal for sometime.

During the carnage the PC's made like New Orleans residents and went a looting, much booty was found and every player at the session gets a 10% to next level xp award.

Also secured from the Drow was a mirror of teleportation and scrying. However, there is an unknown and quite high chance that any object travelling from one plane to another will materialise in a different way on the other side, i.e. inside out. The nodes on this plane are all on the same plane so there is no problem with travel here.
27 Jun 2010
We managed to stash the mirror in a random cave in the Earth node but not before being attacked by a couple of Mindflayers. Those guys mean business, improved invisibility and flying means hard to target for melee and spell resistance 90% means hard to take down with spells. Psionic stuff will really mess you up.

Having done that we used the mirror to scry the giants lair then teleported in to take down one of the giants in his sleep. The maid is going to have to scrub really hard to sort out that one.

We then scryed out the Hierosphinx who weren't evil. A failed charm monster from me left them upset and they made a break for it through the portal (thus escape the air node to the earth node and an unhealthy dose of radiation). A charismatic cleric persuaded them to give us some blood in return for letting them use the mirror to make an escape. They also asked to rescue the Nymph which lead to the bard going blind, a lot.

So, the state of play is we have in our possession;

Earth realm blood (unlocks Air) Purple Wyrm , Drow Priestess and Black Dragon. Liche still has Liche Blood.

Air Realm (unlocks Earth) Cloud Giant and Hierosphinx. Incinerator still has Beholder and White Dragon.

Fire Realm (unlocks Water Realm) Red Dragon has all the blood, Draco Hydra, Salamander, Fire Giant and of course Red Dragon

Water Realm (unlocks Fire Realm) Morkof, Red Dragon has Shark, Dracosani and Aboleth blood.

So we need to visit Izrun and Incinerator and get their blood without getting killed or unleashing doom on the prime material plane.

30 Aug 2010
The party decided the next step in their bid to escape the temple would be to try to negotiate with Incinerator, with a view to luring him out of his lair, and then hitting him with sticks until he died. They couldn't see any problems with this plan, as he was only a Great Wyrm Red Dragon, in an elemental node that amplified his fire powers.

The team dropped into the node, and decided to rest up. Shortly thereafter they were ambushed by fire giants, which were duly despatched. Some lizardy things were watching, which were killed and/or interrogated. One was sent back to Incinerator, to tell him to meet the party in 24 hours.

The next day the party turned up, fully buffed, and after much discussion with minions of the big I, ended up going into the Dragons lair. Incinerator tried to charm the bard, but failed, and the bard played along to see what would happen. The Big I wanted to despatch a single party member to the water node, to scope out the pedestal, but the party refused and started attacking. As they were surrounded by dragons, lizard men, giants, ogres, hell hounds etc, they decided the best thing to do was crawl up some tunnels hidden in the lair.

Luckily, the tunnels led to the dragons pile of gold. Even luckier, the dragon couldn't get into his own lair in dragon form.
Deciding not to look a gift dragon in the face, Artemis teleported out to the Earth node, to open the mirror, and the party started shovelling the treasure through the mirror.

The Big I was not best pleased. Much fire breathing, lightning bolts and cones of cold ensued. Yashimo bravely dived through the mirror, grabbing a Katana on the way. The remainder of the party followed thereafter, and Artemis shovelled gold through (200lbs a round, no less), until the window closed. In the meantime, the ring of vapours was used to send a Djinni in, who set off a trapm on a chest, then an aerial servant, which took the chest through the window too.

There was some giggling at this point, and a little celebration. Yashimo had grabbed a very nice Katana of cool stuff. Artemis had a rod of Death, Feral a nice magic necklace and Orbis a piece of driftwood. Oh, and they'd grabbed all the blood.

Some negotiation with the Big I followed, and a deadlock was reached.

The fire and earth gems were released, and fitted to the skull. Various powers were found, and the ability to teleport between nodes revealed.

The party decided the obvious way to get a pint of dragons blood was to send in a formation of fire resistant stirges, with armour piercing blood suckers, and an imp with a Carry On comedy syringe. Much spell research ensued.

The first assault of the Node Air Force (NAF), went quite well, but it was found dragon blood has the same effect on stirges that brasso has on seagulls, and they exploded (if they managed to get some blood).

The second assault went much better, with the stirges being buffed first (Hasted, acid immune stirges). One got through, and 1/2 a pint of blood obtained. The imp managed to get the rest and came screaming back, with the Big I following behind.

Some careful use of the Skull followed. The party hoped to teleport to the Earth node with the blood, leaving the Big I snarling in frustration.


The big I was in the teleporting zone, and came with them. He was a bit confused, but still nasty. Yashimo bravely attacked, along with Feral and the Waladin. Orbis saved Feral from the cluthes of the Dragon, The Waladin got breath weaponed (some character points were used to avoid death), and Yashimo got some good hits in, along with some good critical hits (and missed) - more character points spent. The Big I decided to get in on the critical miss action, and bit his own shoulder too. Surprisingly, the party did enough damage in two rounds to almost kill Big I, who offered to surrender, however Yashimo carried on attacking - critically missing, so Artemis killed it with a power word Kill.

More happy dancing ensued.

End of session: Party has all the dragons treasure,the body of a dragon, and some good kit. Excellent session.
Chest 1, a brass bound oak travelling chest of holding, capacity 1500 lbs.

26 September 2010
The party open the two trapped chests from the Dragon and get the goodies from within, good use of protection magics help to keep the mage alive. The mage gets brain zapped and tries to kill the rest of the party but happily fails. They then return to the Dragon area and pull out the remaining chests, taking further goodies.

They venture into the water node and retrieve the gem therein 25, 000 xp.

Now with all the gems except the one in the earth elemental node they go and meet the Lich and ask for some blood. He explains his heart contains his blood but it must be retrieved from a protected area and then rehydrated.

The guarded area is through a forcefield protected portal. The PC's buff up, deliberate, cast some divinations - find out their against some undead and go in. The portal dispels all their buffs and a trapped pavement dumps them onto a punji stick trap before a huge statue of Zuggtumoy. 12 Wraiths, a zombie lord (who's stinking cloud can kill) and a ghost are laying in wait, the chamber is surrounded by a load of skeletal archers. Some PCs fall down, the mage gets stuck on the punji spikes. The wraiths swoop in and a nifty bit of turning see's them back off. What could have been a deadly encounter is quickly dealt with by a firewall and then the paladin and mage going ethereal and taking out the ghost. Having cleared this area the PC's go to rest but then find out the clerics cannot reach their gods to get fresh spells granted. The arcane casters do get their spells back.

The PC's then enter another portal and enter a large 20' circular borehole. sections are mirrored and have shiny stone sections. The PC's travel along and at the last section an undead beholder focuses his anti magic ray down the tube, this reflects off the mirrors and the shiny sections disappear. The PC's then fall through the a shiny section on the floor into an acid pit. The other disappeared shiny sections held back 20 shadows which swarm out to attack the paladin and bushi. Redirecting the anti magic ray the stone reappears trapping the PC's down the hole. The undead beholder gets double teamed between the warriors, the bushi hits with a wack lightning combo, while the paladin "heals" with a lay on hands. The hapless beholder explodes.

Meanwhile down the pit there is a massive battle including acid damage that eats the PC's and their equipment. Oops for the bard. Down the pit with the PC's are 10 skele's and a bone golem. One of the clerics turns and the skeles explode - the dust skele's choke the PCs while the spike skele's explode and fragment into the PC's. Those choking cannot do anything, but melt in the acid or float hopelessly. Meanwhile the bone golem starts to cut the PC's up with it's sythe. Next round the spikes embedded in the PC's explode and for the next few rounds the wounds explode and catch fire. The golem has a screaming laugh attack that paralyses, slows and kills. It doesn't get a double success against anyone. By now the acid, explosions, shadows and paralysis have taken their toll. The paladin has to ferry out the damaged party members whilst the bushi chops up the shadows.

The mage is killed, the rest of the arcane casters beaten up and the paladin and orbis finish off the golem.

The PCs lick their wounds and consider what is through the next portal and how little clerical magic remains.
10 October 2010
Xp award present – 47,500 absent 25,000.

The PC’s healed and stepped through the next portal into a very large room with cube like dimensions over a hundred feet in any direction. A series of pillars divided the room. Dan’s ultravision allowed him to look around the room, he could see at small suspended stone platform above that hovered at 50’ supported by the pillars. Chanting and the ominous sounds of bone scratching on stone were heard.

Dan could see two humanoids at the back of the chamber. The PC’s had entered a room containing 4 vampires, a pack of zombie wolves, a greater mummy and his troop of lesser mummies. The PC’s heard movement and spell casting so threw up a fire curtain – the wolves ran into it and burst into flame.
Meanwhile the greater mummy was casting protective magics on itself, while the vampires were hasted and also protected. All major undead had stoneskin protection. The mage vampire shot in magic missiles to disrupt casting while the others covertly approached as gaseous clouds. The greater mummy dispelled the fire curtain. The party split to attack the undead spell casters. The gas vamps solidified and attacked the party members from above, draining some levels. Lisos turned and drove back the lesser mummies that had staggered forwards and the attacking vampires.

The undead retreated and the PC mages opened up with a series of fireballs that killed them or drove them back. The paladin was hit by a powerful constriction spell that placed metal bands around his body – free action was ineffective. The mage vampire then used spectral hand and level drained the paladin (2 lvls down) by squeezing his nuts.

The vamps regrouped and attacked the drow and human mage who had been left at the back of the chamber. Dan’s mage showed great sacrifice and loyalty by dimension dooring away. The drow was set upon by three vampires and lvl drained to 0 lvl and killed by neg hp’s, she dropped to the floor completely exsanguinated of blood. Oops we know what’s coming…

The survivors then fried the vampires and orbis used a character point to free Zacheria. Hand to hand fighting and more devastating magic cleared the room, but it was a close battle and nearly everyone lost levels. The greater mummy had high level clerical magic and could kill outright at distance – anyone with character points used them in a frenzy.

With the undead wiped out the PC’s raided their last stores of scrolls and potions to heal. Realising that the drow would doubtless rise as a vampire they decided to wait too see whether she was evil on coming back to life/death/undead err consciousness and then could destroy her if she was evil. There was also a race against time to contend with – the levels lost to negative draining by the vamps can only be restored within a few days or they are permanently lost. So the PCs need to get out and get some restoration pots / spells or scrolls, but this is high level magic.

The PCs with the dead drow/wizard/vampire immobile in a stolen coffin (wtf???) enter the next area. It is a spherical chamber with a safe in it. Two portals lead out, a red one and another purple black one – dragon runes on the surface of the purple black portal spell out – "The dragon that dwells in darkness".

The mage (highest number of remaining character points from rerolls) tackles the safe with the gloves of dexterity. All sorts of scrying and burglar examination giving away some of the secrets of this trapped safe. Three locks three traps.

Lock one is defeated, the trap goes off an explosion of poison coated darts at high velocity blast from the safe. The PC’s had packed the safe in any armour they are not wearing. The result is the PCs don’t get killed but all armour that is not worn is destroyed.

Lock two, Lisos puts on the gloves as the mage has used up his CP’s dealing with lock one. Lisos triggers the next trap whilst opening this lock. There is a bulb of gas that on exposure to the air turns to acid and is also a contact poison, it fills the chamber persisting for 4 rounds. Both Orbis and Feral lose nice items as the acid eats them and their goodies.

Lock three, trap disarmed – Lisos disarmed tee hee. One of the gloves of dex (and her hand inside it) also destroyed by the guillotine blade, ruining the pair. Lisos downs a regeneration potion and grows back a new hand.

The safe is opened and a Lich heart retrieved. The red portal goes green. After being killed – turned undead, having levels sucked away and having no clerical magic the party cowardly turns away from the Dragon portal and goes through the green door. This takes them back to the Lich. He opens up his rib cage, pops in the withered black prune of a heart and then barters with the party.

He has pots of restoration that restore one level at a time, he is willing to swap only for high level magic items. Rather than lose the levels for good the bard swaps over his nifty helmet and gem, drinks the pots and gets the levels back.

The only other possibility now is to get some from the mind flayers – which would be a suicide mission. It was left to Graham to consider whether he will swap some of his magic items for his lost levels. He's just got some shiny +4 armour of flying. Also the party have not considered that there is another dragon herein that is bound to have goodies and will of course be happy to hand them over.

Great fun, the PC’s retrieve the final gem, it has not been placed in the skull yet. Alex is a vampire – just about returned to unlife and the rest of the party keep looking nervously at their sallow, hungry looking drow babe vampire. She is sure to go down a storm in Hommlet or Raven’s Bluff.

Now with a full complement of gems the PCs need to figure out how to get out, or do they want to finish off some more creatures, the pressing concern is the missing levels and the fact that they have only days to get restored or the levels are lost bar a wish. Good session the party got a considerable step closer to a party wipe.

GM sick! 2 hour session, most of it spent with the GM in the toilet and Paul talking about trannies and knobs.
Between sickness and Pauls fantasies, Feral and Drow Vamp babe wizzie returned to Ravens Bluff. The drow vamp discovers how to feed and selects naughty people to level drain and feed upon. She begins to learn of her new powers. Feral goes to a brothel. They go and rtn via the magic mirror but there is a 5% chance of permanent death and 10% chance of going insidie outie – not nice. They travel without incident – doh.
The two return to the temple and meet up with the other players having sold any loot to buy potions of restore. Everyone back to full levels.

5th Dec 2010 Zuggtmoy revealed
XP award Present 35, 000 absent 20,000

Izzrune the Lich was packing for his trip back to the prime material plane. “Torture implements, rack, braziers, wand of slay living … hmm what’s that in the dungeon, Oh it’s some prisoners I have forgotten about.” The prisoners were a mage and ranger. Both cowered back into the cell reliving every nightmare moment of their existence over the last five years of capture. Izzrune transported them to the party and did the introductions. “This lot are useless and need some help” was his advice to the new members before he issued a demand to be gone in 24 hrs.

The party discussed plans and then called back Izzrune and asked him what he knew about the Dragon that Lives in Darkness. He replied cheerily, “Oh that’s where the really dangerous creatures were put that were too deadly for the nodes”. Right were not going there then said the party members in unison.
The party used the golden skull to teleport everyone to a new area they have found they can access, now the 4th gem is in place. They ended up in the Temple of elemental evil again in a new area full of 4 runes corresponding to the nodes. The Lich bid them farewell after some threats not to find him or he will kill everyone, everywhere, every time blah blah…

The party then returned to the nodes and freed the people from the water node. The people apologised for having stripped Aisan of his weapons and armour after he had proved too tyrannical. In a orchestrated manner the 100 people were teleported to the TOEE and then bundled through the teleportation mirror to a giant tree house in the forests that they had scryed and found to be safe.
The party then stayed in the new part of the TOEE and explored. Essentially there were three big chambers, full of dirty fungus statues and the like. This was the previous area where Zuggtmoy would watch over prisoners being fed to her beloved fungus and where ultimately the forces of good took the wise steps of imprisoning her. The party explored and came across a little old woman on a silver gem encrusted throne. Also in the large throne room were 3 pillars of metal one electrum, one gold and one platinum. Each worth a small fortune. Also present was a strange fluid metal machine in the shape of a metal She begged them to leave her alone and take one of the pillars. Fearing a trap they ignored this and ventured deeper into the room. Zuggtmoy was nearby and the crone was a powerful illusion that Dann could not penetrate. The old crone pretended to press gems on the throne and the GM pretended to roll a crit fumble with dice, the crone blasted rays around the room before the frying herself.
Feeling saffer the party went to investigate. Lisos peeped and got hit by 4 of Zuggtmoy’s attacks that killed her instantly. Before being eaten Dan used telekinesis to get her body back and Lisos was stabilised. Everyone who could opened up with ranged spells and magic. The Drow used Sleet storms to outline invisible creatures aand sure enough the massive shape of Zuggtmoy was seen. The paladin closed for combat and got hit 5 times badly wounding him. He turned and retreated while the Bushi Yashimino attacked a shamnbling mound Zuggtmoy had spat out. The ranger and mages continued to hit Zuggtmoy with long range attacks and Yashimino then closed and took her on with his sword. Dan focused his destructive energies on the furniture and killed the throne with a resonance spell. The huge gem encrusted throne exploded sending shrapnel everywhere, unfortunately Zuggtmoy was outside of the blast radius.

Due to a low armour class, magical resistance and immunity to some attacks Zuggtmoy shrugged off most of the damage. However, when she took 100 hps of damage she disappeared. The party tried to find her but couldn’t. In fact she had become ethereal so she could heal. She suddenly appeared back in front of them next to the liquid metal construct. “Thank you for destroying the throne that held me prisoner here, I will be sure to return to this plane and find you.” With that she disappeared back to her own plane of existence.”

Dan had inadvertently released her by destroying the throne. The other way she could have escaped was if the three metal cylinders were touched these would have flown away and smashed the rune protected doors around the temple, freeing the magic that constricted her.
Blowing up the throne was just bad luck. But highly amusing because after a year trapped in the elemental nodes the party had just released a demoness and she could now return at will to their world and so now poses a greater risk that ever before.
The party have therefore released a demi-god from imprisonment and freed Izzrune the Lich for good measure. Their keep is over run and Hommlett lies in ruins.

I actually should have deducted xp…

Get in the back of the van, you're nicked son and I ain't even had me breakfast yet.

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