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 Travcon 2012
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Posted - 08 Mar 2012 :  15:43:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I don't know if there are any avid Traveller fans out there amongst us other than Chris and myself, but just in case I post a highlighted report of Travcon 2012, that we both attended last weekend.

We played in two Striker games over the course of the Con. For those not familiar this is a 15mm mass figure battle game using the Traveller background. The first game was set in the era of the Star Vikings, after the collapse of the Second Imperium, where re-finding valuable tech is as important as exploration and trade. The side we were on in this scenario was a logistics platoon tasked with retrieving some grav plates that had been hidden by a bunch of 'farmers' and also to investigate and upload(i:e nick) what looked like a fusion plant in one of the villages.

Simple then, only a bunch of poorly armed farmers to deal with. So of we set with our lightly armed weapons carriers and general purpose buggies, plus one G-Carrier for air support to teach these sod busters who was master in this area. We have been playing games long enough to have had our suspicions about 'simple', so were we surprised when we discovered that the farmers had hired in a mercenary platoon with a tech level 12 missile tank and armoured cars? Err yes, as we proceded to lose 2/3rds of our utility vehicles and the G Carrier on turn one.

Recovering our wits, we re-formed what was left of our platoon. Fortunately we had held back two G-Carriers from the initial assault to haul out the grav plates and plant. So then we entered into a cat and mouse game of Apache style pop up and fire with our G-Carriers against the might of the tank as Chris had managed to take out or rout most of the Armoured Cars in a retaliator attack. Knowing one G-Carrier was going to get taken out by opportunity fire we attacked with one to the front and one to the rear of the tank. Surprisingly the player choose to fire at my G-Carrier in the front and ignore the one sneaking into his rear arc. Mine went down in a sheet of flame into a nearby swamp, whilst the second G-carrier opened up with its plasma cannon at the vulnerable rear of the tank and.................missed! Fortunately our plucky infantry landed nearby the turn before, managed to sneak up and destroy it with a well placed Tac Missile.

Meanwhile my infantry had occupied the hill and cave system where the grav plates were hidden. Unfortunately they now faced an attack by angry militia farmers that had the look of the film Zulu and Rourkes Drift! Despite cutting a swathe through their ranks with my superior weaponry it looked like a matter of time before I was eventually overrun. By now it was 1:30(in real time) in the morning so having grabbed the fusion reactor and being in the morale high ground of having the grav plates we negotiated a peace deal in which we hauled out the goods we wanted in exchange for the villagers keeping the 2 downed G-Carriers. An honourable draw I guess.

Second game was set in the Solomani sector of space i:e we were battling against the troublesome Terran Empire (known as Solomani in Traveller speak). Having got wind that three Solomani agents we were after had holed up on a planet in Ley Sector, we landed with a platoon of mercenaries with the aim of capturing or killing said agents before they could escape. My force was tasked with capturing or taking out a ground to air missile system that was situated north of the main Solomani base so we could bring in air support and prevent the agents escaping off planet in their Hornet attack ship, whilst other squads attacked the fortified base camp and assaulted the starport. All went well for two of us, but the player assaulting the starport ran into big trouble when irregular forces that had not been spotted during our recon over-ran his assault force. Added to that a sizeable force of militia was now on its way from the nearby town! Two of the agents were captured in the base camp as we took control or destroyed that, as my forces prepped the missile system and moved to assist the belegured starport assault. Now having air superiority we then called in two cutters for a ground straffing mission and to uplift the two capturees, and as the third agent attempted to escape in a ships boat, my ground to air missiles were unleashed and successfully totalled the manouver drive causing the boat to crash in a sheet of flame. Total success in this game and it was a visually brilliant game with lots of terrain, figures, vehicles and scratch built starships. I hope to get some pictures soon which I will pass on if anyone is interested.

Also played some traditional role play scenarios, in one during a routine scouting mission, we discovered the descendants of a group of deaf and dumb people who had missed jumped some 100 years ago, whilst on route to another planet. Some fun was had trying to communicate with signing, as the descendents had never learned to talk. This was especially the case as we had to persuade them to leave with us on our ship, as our scans of the system they were living in indicated there was about to be a series of red dwarf solar flare type happenings, meaning that all life on the planet would be eradicated.

In another we assaulted a Zhodani held planet, trying to rescue an archaeologist and some ancient artifact she had found. It was this game that produced the immortal one liner from one of the players (Ok Chris) when told that part of his equipment consisted of a satchel sized 'pocket nuke', of 'Is it dangerous'. Much mirth and merriment at his expense was the order of the day.

My Droyne space chase to recover a stolen artifact from a band of Vargr Corsairs went down well(complete with a model of the Droyne ship and miniatures, and I was pleased with the result.May well run it again next year, as I had requests to do it again.

Anyway if anyone would like more info on Travcon feel free to get in touch.
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